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Putting an AWS Service on a DNS domain apex

 Aled Sage  

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Co-authors: Aled Sage and Richard Downer When your website runs in AWS, configuring your DNS zone apex record (sometimes called “naked domain”) can be a pain because it needs static IPs. There are a few options including switching to AWS Route 53 for DNS and using AWS Global Accelerator. In

aws windows

AWS Cost-savings: Savings Plans & Reserved Instances for Windows Instances

 Aled Sage  

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I was recently explaining to customers the cost savings available with AWS Savings Plans (introduced November 2019) and Reserved Instances for their Windows EC2 instances. The Windows license cost makes for interesting (and disappointing) differences in percentage savings compared to standard Linux VMs. With up-front payment, you have to pay

How companies run Microsoft on AWS: Virtual Meetup Recap

 Aled Sage  

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The Cloud Pathways meetup went virtual on 10th June 2020. The short presentations, fireside chat and Q&A was focused on migrating, running and modernising Microsoft-based workloads in the cloud. The presentation slides for the event are available here and Michael’s Hart presentation is also available here. A recording of the

Operational Excellence, Microsoft on AWS, Tech & Velocity: Writeup of AWS Summit Online EMEA

 Aled Sage  

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By Aled Sage, VP of Engineering, Cloudsoft The AWS Summit Online EMEA on 17th June was excellent! What follows are some things that stood out for me on Microsoft Applications, Operational Excellence within Amazon and beyond, Automating threat detection and remediation, plus how every company can move faster. In his

Virtual Meetup – How companies run Microsoft on AWS


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Join us virtually on Wednesday 10th of June for a discussion on migrating, running and modernising Microsoft-based workloads in the cloud. Sorry you missed it! But you can get a free personalised AWS surgery with one of our Tech Expert. Simply fill in the form and we will be in

Cloudsoft AMP 5.5 released


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Cloudsoft AMP 5.5 brings improved user-interface, improved support for TOSCA blueprints and enhanced automation, plus much more Cloudsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of AMP 5.5. AMP streamlines development, operations and governance for any application on any cloud.   Get the latest version   What’s new about 5.5? This

Developing Standards Across Cloud Services – Workshop Summary

 Alasdair Hodge  

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Cloud enables innovation but adoption in Capital Markets remains low – why? The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) has recently set out 14 recommendations to help realise the full potential of public cloud computing across the capital markets industry, as issues such as legacy technology, security, regulatory concerns

AWS Application Load Balancer Cost Estimation

 Aled Sage  

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I’ve been helping a customer who recently migrated their application to AWS. They have a “big monolithic web server”. One of the obvious next incremental steps is to put an application load balancer (ALB) in front of it. The customer asked the obvious question: how much will the ALB cost?

apache brooklyn release

Happy 1.0 to Apache Brooklyn

 Richard Downer  

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The Apache® Brooklyn™ project announced its 1.0 release. Apache Brooklyn is a tool for managing the deployment, in-life management, and termination of applications. It excels at managing complex applications that are built from many different components spanning multiple hosts, multiple regions, and even multiple cloud providers. It’s great at working

Developing Standards Across Cloud Services – London Workshop


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On Tuesday 10th March ISITC EUROPE CIC and the CISI will be hosting a joint workshop which will explore the appetite for use of public cloud and cloud standards The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) has recently set out 14 recommendations to help realise the full potential of
May 15, 2019
GVH Oilfield Connectivity

Oilfield Connectivity and the Cloud

When you think of an offshore oil and gas asset, whether it’s a submarine or a rig installation, you imagine an isolated machine being operated by
May 10, 2019

AWS Summit London 2019 recap

April 26, 2019

How to build on AWS – thinking, choosing, studying, starting

April 8, 2019
Gartner Pace Layered Image

Migrating thinking not just applications to the cloud

January 22, 2019

AWS Activate and Accelerate: Credits for startups and new enterprise projects

July 18, 2018

And the winner of the Gemalto SafeNet Data Protection on Demand hackathon with Cloudsoft was…

March 27, 2018
Migration Method 4 Refactoring

Migrating to AWS Method 4 – Refactoring, aka Cloud Native

Refactoring is the most advanced method of migrating applications to the cloud, the outcome being a cloud-native application that fully exploits cloud innovation. Depending on the
March 27, 2018
Migration Method 3 Replatforming

Migrating to AWS Method 3 – Replatforming, aka Lift-and-Shape

Replatforming is halfway between Rehosting and Refactoring. It gives some immediate and modest cloud benefits without too much change and risk. This is the fourth in
March 27, 2018
Migration Method 2 Rehosting

Migrating to AWS Method 2 – Rehosting, aka Lift-and-Shift

Rehosting – aka Lift and Shift – is the relatively simple mechanism of copying application and data “bits” from outside AWS, into AWS. A classic example
March 27, 2018
Migration Method 1 Repurchase

Migrating to AWS Method 1 – Repurchasing, aka Drop-and-Shop

Repurchasing can be the simplest, fastest and least-risk method of running applications in the cloud. An organization can eliminate a lot of migration effort and cloud