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Press Release: Cloudsoft launches the Visual Composer in the AWS Marketplace

Cloudsoft, a leading cloud software and AWS Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider Partner, today announced the launch of a new product called Visual Composer for AWS CloudFormation and Service Catalog. Targeted at AWS users and administrators, the Visual Composer helps users create well-architected AWS systems graphically, quickly and reliably then automatically export AWS CloudFormation and Service Catalog Products.

The Visual Composer for CloudFormation and Service Catalog is the easiest way to create Amazon Web Services CloudFormation deployment descriptions, install them to the AWS Service Catalog, run infrastructure and evolve CloudFormation templates.

It is the simplest and most powerful tool for working with CloudFormation (CFN) due to its ability to:

  • Perform drag-and-drop design
  • Recommend properties and values
  • Save, version and compose blueprints that produce CFN templates.


  • Efficiency - Removes time-consuming coding from specifying cloud infrastructure and enables instinctive visual drag-and-drop cloud specification.
  • Growth - Ideal for users from new cloud builders unfamiliar with low-level specification language, to experienced high-turnover cloud architects who need to specify and build quickly.
  • Synergy - Combines the ease of use of visual specification with the control and automation of infrastructure managed as code.

What customers say about Visual Composer

Alex Heneveld, Chief Technology Officer at Cloudsoft, said:

“The feedback from customers, AWS Solution Architects, Trainers and early preview customers has been that the Visual Composer makes it much easier for beginners and even experts to create CloudFormation templates and AWS Service Catalog products.”

“We took the graphical user interface from Cloudsoft AMP and repurposed it specifically for AWS. We're really excited to launch the Visual Composer and develop it with the community to cater for the needs of different users. It brings DevOps modular software engineering to cloud architecting, simplifying creation and management of everything from simple stacks to complex composed designs. At the same time, it reduces friction in using AWS by giving the user guard rails so they do the right thing first time.”

How to get started

The Getting Started page will walk you through the process of subscribing to the product then visually composing your CloudFormation template and launching it in AWS.


About Cloudsoft

Cloudsoft has a portfolio of software and services to help customers with cloud computing.

The Visual Composer helps cloud users to visually compose applications for AWS without the complexity of CloudFormation language. The Cloudsoft AMP product blueprints and manages your complete application lifecycle in the cloud. Cloudsoft is also the company behind the open source Apache Brooklyn project.

Cloudsoft has bundled its cloud software, patterns and practices into specially designed Services to Migrate, Run and Evolve business applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). These services have delivered real business outcomes for our customers: reducing costs, increasing uptimes, improving performance and responsiveness while continuously exploiting the pace of AWS innovation. Cloudsoft is an AWS Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider Partner.

For additional information:

Get a 7-day free trial for our easy-to-use Visual Composer, made to create Cloudformation templates easily and graphically.

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