Logicalware Case Study

Logicalware selects Cloudsoft as their Next Generation Cloud Partner.

Logicalware deliver a customer experience solution to household-names, including Ryanair, WWF and Save the Children, so they can continuously improve their all-important, front-of-house customer communications. As part of Logicalware’s commitment and focus to improve their customers’ outcomes, they selected Cloudsoft as their Next Generation MSP and collaborative cloud partner to run and evolve their leading customer experience solution on AWS.

High-growth and business-critical organisations such as Logicalware need to exploit key aspects of AWS such as agility, resilience, scale and innovation on behalf of their customers. Customer experience can be badly damaged if the system can’t respond to big fluctuations in demand, and users are always demanding improvements in their customer service experience.

Prior to partnering with Cloudsoft, Logicalware were already using AWS but their future plans were constrained by their previous managed services partner. Logicalware decided to move to Cloudsoft -- a next generation cloud managed service provider -- to support the growth and innovation their business and customers needed.

“We are really pleased to see the Logicalware business grow from strength-to-strength but we felt that our plans for the future needed a different kind of partner and Cloudsoft fitted the bill.” said Jamie MacSween, CEO of Logicalware. “Cloudsoft now run our cloud operations and they work well with our teams, but most importantly they are helping us evolve our business for future growth and add features and improve the customer experience.”

The challenge for Logicalware and Cloudsoft was how to smoothly transition from the previous MSP to Cloudsoft with no downtime or interruption in service, and at the same time prepare the way for the evolution of the next generation of the Logicalware customer experience platform.

The key to success was effective collaboration between the Logicalware team and Cloudsoft’s team of Cloud Engineers. Uniquely, Cloudsoft engineers are triple-qualified in application development, automation systems and AWS which means they could quickly assimilate all of the documentation, communicate easily with all parties, and smoothly transition Logicalware to Cloudsoft service.

“The Cloudsoft team quickly understood our system and formulated a migration plan to take over billing, operations and everything the previous partner did.” said Adam McCartney, CTO of Logicalware. “This happened without any impact on the business, and we were really pleased with that! Now we’re well positioned to evolve our cloud platform for increased scale and to add features.”

It’s Cloudsoft’s belief that the true value from exploiting the cloud is in the agility and innovation. Although Cloudsoft are working to keep a constant downward-pressure on cloud costs for Logicalware -- this is a given for all Cloudsoft customers -- the greatest benefit is evolution and continuously increasing agility, resilience and innovation in Logicalware’s platform.

“Logicalware are an example of the sweet spot for Cloudsoft, the kind of company we know we can really help exploit AWS on behalf of their customers. The Logicalware team are customer-obsessed like us, they are in growth mode, they are adding innovation to their platform, and our teams collaborate well - we feel like an extension of their team."

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