Throughout the year Cloudsoft host events focused on migration best practices, we also present at events and round table sessions and attend conferences to expand our network and stay informed of cutting edge advancements in cloud migration. 

Our in-house events and webinars include talks by Cloudsoft speakers, as well as by trusted partners, and give attendees the opportunity to chat directly with our engineers.

As we plan out our 2020 schedule we will update our events page and also include events we are attending in a non-speaking capacity giving additional opportunities for face-to-face discussions.

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How companies run Microsoft on AWS

Join us virtually on Wednesday 10th of June from 5-6:30PM (BST) for a discussion hosted by Alasdair Hodge, Principal Engineer and Aled Sage, VP of Engineering at Cloudsoft on migrating, running and modernising Microsoft-based workloads in the cloud.

We will cover choice of cloud, the challenges and solutions, security, operations, cost savings, staff up-skilling and application modernisation. Questions are welcomed from guests, so let us know if there’s a particular topic or question you’d like covered.

Microsoft specialist at AWS, Michael Hart will also be presenting. He works with enterprises and start ups to drive innovation, modernisation and costs savings for their .NET, SQL, and Microsoft Workloads on AWS.Also taking place is a fireside chat and Q&A where you’ll hear two case studies from companies that have migrated to AWS within the last couple of years. Including Dan Pacitti, CTO at ASP Events and also Marcus Corner who will be sharing the cloud journey and digital transformation at Insights.

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Previous events

Webinar – AWS Well-Architected

19 September 2019 – Codebase Edinburgh


Find out how AWS Well Architected helped a startup gain resilience, security and cost effectiveness.

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Developing Standards Across Cloud Services

10 March 2020 – London


Alasdair Hodge, Principal Engineer – Cloudsoft Corporation

David Ostojitsch, Director of Technology and Operations  – Association Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)

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Talk – Security and Build & Migrate

Cloud Pathway – 21 May 2019 – Codebase Edinburgh


Find out how you can strengthen Security and how to Build & Migrate your applications

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The Opportunities and Challenges in Media


London – 12 March 2019

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Step 2: Security and Migration


Edinburgh – 27 March 2019

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