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Fujitsu- Speak up and help beat coronavirus

Fujitsu's cloud native solution enables an innovative study to combat COVID-19

Fujitsu and have partnered with the UK Government to investigate an innovative, technology driven approach to detecting COVID-19.

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About the project

The study will explore how algorithms can use voice data, including cough recordings, to detect COVID-19. The aim of the study is to use voice sounds to identify if someone is more likely to require a test and therefore to identify more cases, helping to track and slow the spread of COVID-19 to protect the NHS.

Specifically, volunteers will be asked to record a variety of sounds, including a cough, over the phone and to submit a COVID-19 test. The results will be analysed to see if the algorithm identifies those coughs more likely to result from COVID-19 infection. 

Why cloud native?

By building their applications in the cloud, with Cloudsoft's support to ensure best practices, Fujitsu and Formwize's solutions are resilient and able to rapidly scale to meet the demands of processing the data and to meet strict security requirements for handling data of such sensitivity. 

“ powers cloud natively, who are enabling COVID-19 UK Government Systems", said David Cairns, Head of Innovation at Fujitsu.

How you can participate

Volunteers are being sought to take part in the study,  on which more details can be found on



Improved reliability & security.

Simplified operations and dynamic scale.