Join us virtually on Wednesday 10th of June from 5 - 6:30PM BST

Sorry you missed it! However, you can still have a complimentary AWS consultation, tailored to your individual needs with with our principal solutions architect. Click here and fill in the form and we will be in touch asap to schedule a time. 

Our Virtual Meet-up will focus on migrating, running and modernising Microsoft-based workloads in the cloud.

The fireside chat and Q&A will include two case studies for companies that have migrated to AWS within the last couple of years and discussions with a cloud consultant.

Topics covered will include choice of cloud, challenges and solutions, security, operations, cost savings, staff up-skilling and application modernisation - plus any questions from the audience!

Our Guests: 

We’ll hear from Marcus Corner about the cloud journey and digital transformation at Insights, a leader in learning and development solutions. The Insights Online application, along with analytics workloads, were migrated to AWS - Marcus will tell us about the decisions, challenges and solutions they faced along the way.

Dan Pacitti is the CTO at ASP Events, who provide innovative and goal driven website design and an event focused CMS, 'Showoff'. This application, along with 100s of customer websites, were migrated to AWS early 2019. This was followed by a continued modernisation of the technology stack and architecture.

Michael Hart is a Microsoft specialist at AWS. He works with enterprises and start ups to drive innovation, modernisation and costs savings for their .NET, SQL, and Microsoft Workloads on AWS.

Our Hosts: 

Aled Sage is VP Engineering at Cloudsoft, an AWS advanced consulting partner. Aled specialises in cloud, devops, automation and application resilience with over 20 years of industry experience.

Alasdair Hodge is Principal Engineer at Cloudsoft, and our fireside host for the meet-up, with 25 years’ experience in cloud, software applications and automation across all major cloud platforms.


Please feel free to get in touch directly with any questions about the Meet-up at