Doing an AWS migration soon?

Cloudsoft helps you securely migrate, run and evolve your applications in the cloud.


What We Do


Using our Cloud Health Check, we can provide you with a detailed view of your infrastructure, costs and discuss your specific application requirements.


The missing part of most cloud programs: Cloudsoft collaborate with customers to refactor their applications so it evolves to new business needs.

Choose The Right Cloud Strategy.

With a partner that will help you move to the cloud, proactively manage and support your applications, continually optimising them for cost, performance, scalability and security.

Modelling, Deploying & Managing Applications (PDF)

Customer Testimonials

  • Logicalware
    Cloudsoft now run our cloud operations and they work well with our teams, but most importantly they are helping us evolve our business for future growth and add features and improve the customer experience.
  • Criton
    Speed and reliability are crucial, and it is for these two reasons that we decided to partner with Cloudsoft because they can underpin our business with the agility, resilience and innovation of the cloud.
  • Formwize now has full control of its IT estate for the first time. The virtualization solution provides for zero downtime; eliminated six-figure bills for staffing and IT consultancy; achieved ROI in just 12 months; and save 60% on hosting costs.
    British Telecom
  • With Cloudsoft we have a partner who makes cloud technology work for our business. We are more agile and better integrated than before which reduces our costs and accelerates our time to market.
  • AWS Managed Services Provider
  • Fully Certified AWS Engineers
  • 10+ Years' Deploying Solutions
  • Trusted by Large Enterprise
  • Leading Cloud Application Specialists
  • Fixed Monthly Packages + Addons
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