Cloudsoft has been delivering customer outcomes in the form of Solutions for a decade. We have collected that experience together to help more customers solve these kinds of problems right first time. 

It takes a mixture of specialist Consulting Engineers, an elegant application management product and hard-learned patterns and practices to complete these Solutions to a high quality and in a shorter time than would otherwise be possible.

Multi cloud

Blueprint and decouple your application from any one cloud and deploy it to any public or private cloud.

View the Multi Cloud solution

Big data

Create modular, composable blueprints for analytics tools including Apache Ambari and Apache Spark.

View the Big Data solution


Deploy hyperledger Fabric or Sawtooth to any clouds. Cloudsoft can also manage the platform for you.

View the Blockchain solution


Future-proof your business and set your application free as Cloudsoft replatform, run and refactor your application in AWS.

View the Rx3 solution


End-to-end automation platform for the Internet of Things, unifying the many facets of IoT: Device, Data and Cloud.

View the IoT solution


Automate and monitor of software construction, from interaction and testing, releasing and deployment, and infrastructure management.

View the DevOps solution