Get Started with Cloudsoft AMP + Hyperledger

Cloudsoft Blockchain Service lets developers focus on creating chaincode applications, not the plumbing.

Cloudsoft AMP with Hyperledger

By downloading you are bound by the Cloudsoft Trial Software License Agreement.


The quickest path to trying out Cloudsoft’s Hyperledger Fabric is to use vagrant:
git clone
cd amp-vagrant
vagrant up
Login to AMP at using login ‘admin‘ and password ‘password‘.

Hyperledger framework will be available in the AMP quick launch, and you’ll be able to deploy it to the location named “vagrant”.

For other installations:

  1. Install AMP
  2. Create a Deployment location
  3. Select and deploy “Hyperledger Fabric Cluster” from the AMP quick launch

Detailed Hyperledger Fabric instructions are available at

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