Cloudsoft Visual Composer BETA

Visually compose AWS CloudFormation templates quickly and easily.

Create well-architected AWS systems graphically, quickly, reliably: automatically export Cloud Formation and Catalog Products

User Story

“As a system admin, I want to define AWS Service Catalog products using a simple visual editor. I want to be able to do the whole thing in ten minutes without needing to write YAML or JSON code and without needing extensive AWS knowledge. I want then to be able to publish it to selected people and teams, update it, and track it in the usual Service Catalog ways.”

Rapidly get on to AWS Service Catalog

  • Create graphically with drag-and-drop, templates and recommendations.
  • Share natively with one-click publish to the AWS Service Catalog.
  • Update seamlessly with integrations to source control, and engineering workflows.

The Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP)

AMP is the most powerful application-focused blueprint composition, deployment, and operations management system in the world. Visual Blueprint Composer brings the sophistication of AMP to the AWS Service Catalog and Cloud Formation ecosystem, allowing blueprints to be built in the simple Apache Brooklyn YAML language, exported as Cloud Formation, and added to Service Catalog.

Key capabilities include:
  • Composition (re-use of other blueprints)
  • Configurability (discoverable strongly-typed keys)
  • Readability (easily fit with DevOps tools and users)
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