Cloudsoft Service Broker

Empower Cloud Foundry with enterprise data and services.

More Control

The Cloudsoft Service Broker ensures you keep the controls required for compliance and reliability.

Trust & Security

Allowing you to use trusted enterprise data and services with tight control over security and access.

Develop Rapidly

Develop and innovate more quickly, and use Cloud Foundry to create more with enterprise data and services.

Self Service

Give developers self-service access to enterprise data and services with security, control and ease of use.

Unleash Cloud Foundry

Increase developer productivity by integrating Cloud Foundry with your existing applications. Increase reliability and compliance with autonomic management of Cloud Foundry services.

Cloud native with control

  • Permission-based access to services
  • Securely connect trusted enterprise databases & software with Cloud Foundry
  • Control service provisioning & access in line with company best practices

Portable & Open

  • Built on open source software
  • Makes services bound into Cloud Foundry apps portable across Cloud Foundry instances
  • Combine PaaS for Dev/Test with traditional environments for run-time

Build on trusted assets

  • Unlock assets to create more
  • Extend the power of PaaS beyond stand-alone apps
  • Create new services or connect to existing

Powerful and easy

  • Graphical UI and policy-based management
  • Monitor consumption by apps & users
  • Access Cloudsoft AMP for fine-grained control

Bridging the new and the old worlds

The Cloudsoft CSB connects non-cloud enterprise assets to the modern cloud-native Cloud Foundry.
Enable many more applications to be written by making datasets and services available, without Cloudsoft Service Broker users are limited in what kind of apps they can write in Cloud Foundry.
Increase speed to value by building upon your existing service assets in a way that avoids vendor lock-in and ensures ongoing portability and flexibility.
Building bridges between new and old world architectures to benefit from existing stateful and stateless assets that enable a richer selection of services to be made available.
The Cloudsoft Service Broker securely connects Cloud Foundry to your existing business services creating unique value for your customers.
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