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Modernise ITSM

Consistent deployment, and management, of certified development, test and production environments through your existing ITSM tools.

Boost the power of ITSM tools like ServiceNow™ with AMP's advanced automation capabilities.

Increase agility with 'environment-as-code'.

ITSM, transformed.

DevOps, Agile and automation are reshaping IT service delivery, and service management. 

ITSM teams must now modernise their practices and tools to meet the needs of Product/DevOps teams and enable change faster - with quality and governance. 

Using 'Environment-as-Code' to deliver 'Environment-as-a-Service' can increase agility whilst ensuring value. 

AMP's Environment-as-Code approach delivers self-service capabilities to Product teams whilst providing ITSM with governance. Bring automation and agility to legacy systems, and control and governance to DevOps. 

And best of all, AMP integrates with, and enhances, your existing ITSM tools like ServiceNow. All in one, simple to use control plane. 

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Environment-as-a-Service via Service Catalogue

Create certified environments in AMP and share them in ServiceNow's service catalogue.

  • Enable Self-Service for DevOps & Product teams;
  • assure governance;
  • avoid shadow IT.

Unified Incident Management

AMP's advanced automation engine will:

  • sense and take action if it detects an incident;
  • execute automated remediation;
  • create an incident in ServiceNow and follow your defined processes.



CMDB Integration

You want to track resources in your CMDB - but across complex estates this can be a challenge.

AMP can manage resources, and if any updates are made, the respective CI in the CMDB is also updated as well.


Enhance ITSM tooling

Modernise your ITSM with advanced automation & orchestration; extending a service and governance lens with self-service catalog integration, CMDB and more.

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Environments-as-Code empower self-service.

AMP uses automation, blueprints and policies to help ITSM teams tame the complexity of hybrid IT.

Create certified environments for Product and DevOps teams and enable faster innovation and consistent deployment, with governance.

AMP sits above and integrates with existing technologies, orchestrating between every environment maximising value from your existing investments. 

AMP elevates infrastructure-as-code to 'environment-as-code', providing you with a single, easy-to-use control plane through which you can govern and orchestrate services across on-prem and all cloud-native environments.

AMP platform orchestration

ArrowsMore ways to modernise with AMP.

Consistent Deployment

Repeatable & optimised deployment at scale with reliable testing and continuous no-outage upgrades.

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Dynamic Observability

Augmenting monitoring with an 'as code' approach, to implement a 'sense-policy-respond' restorative action.

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ArrowsDe-risk complex hybrid IT, and deliver resilience.

Governance & Modernisation

Provide control to your cloud environments, and bring the cloud experience to legacy environments.

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Operational Resilience

Hybrid IT complexity creates vulnerabilities. AMP ensures resilience, and helps you demonstrate compliance.

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