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How a digital business improved security & cost efficiency with AWS Well Architected

More and more digital businesses create applications in the cloud to rapidly deliver innovative, scalable solutions – but how can you ensure your cloud setup is optimal?

On September 19th 2019, we held a webinar introducing and discussing the AWS Well Architected Framework, a methodology designed to help businesses ensure their application’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security on the cloud.

We had three speakers with three different approaches to the framework:

  1. Aled Sage, VP Engineering at Cloudsoftguided guests through the Well Architected principles to highlight how this framework can support your business challenges and goals
  2. Nabeel Shaikh, Founder at Momentpin, shared how they managed to harness better resilience, security, agility and cost-effectiveness with a strong AWS setup
  3. Andrew Robinson, AWS Lead for EMEA, highlighted how customers can get maximum value from Well-Architected

Find out more about what they covered in the recording below:



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