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What's the cost of toil?

Are you stuck in a cycle of manual, repetitive, and low-value work?

Not only is this kind of toil a waste of time, it also stifles innovation and hinders productivity, ultimately costing you valuable cash.

Shockingly, many engineers are spending over 75% of their work hours on toil instead of valuable (and interesting) project work.

Use our calculator to determine how much toil is draining your resources.

Benefits of reducing toil

Toil reduction isn't just about saving cash. Reducing toil can also help you to:

Innovate faster

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Boost productivity

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Stop burnout

Reduce burnout
Examples of toil

Do any of these toil tasks sound familiar?

  • Copying and pasting commands from a playbook
  • Repaving large environments
  • Scheduling system backups
  • Manual system configuration changes
  • Spinning up/down test or staging environments
  • Manual response to repeated incidents or events

But there are ways to reduce and manage this toil. Automation is key, and forms part of a 4-step approach.

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How to reduce toil

4 steps to reduce your toil burden

Some toil is inevitable, but you need to reduce it to a manageable level and free up your engineers to do what they do best; solve interesting problems and deliver innovative solutions. 

But it's not as simple as just 'doing a bit more automation'; you need to understand where automation can deliver the most value to your teams. And, you need to be wary of automation actually ADDING to toil!

Learn more about the steps to reducing toil in our blog.

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4 steps to reduce toil
Cloudsoft AMP

How AMP helps you reduce toil

AMP combines powerful automation, blueprinting, and composability, into a single platform, allowing you to focus on what really matters - creating high-quality software.

  • Advanced automation for zero-touch operations
    AMP's sensors, effectors and workflows can configure, optimise, heal and protect environments under its control, automatically.
  • Blueprints & composability for speed, without sacrificing reliability 
    Capture and codify architecture, best practices, policies, processes, runbooks and more in re-usable, composable blueprints which can be deployed anywhere, consistently and without error.
Learn more about AMP
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