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See how AMP can reduce toil and automate reliability for your SRE teams

Get a demo personalised to your pains, needs and technology stack. It all starts with a free 30-min discovery session. 

What happens in your discovery session?

You've seen the quick-stop tour of how Cloudsoft AMP can help SRE teams to reduce toil, reduce MTTR and scale their automation efforts. 

But you probably want to know, how does this work for me?

Let us show you a personalised demo that answers your questions and ticks your boxes.

All we need is 30 minutes of your time to find out what you'd like to see. 

Expect to discuss:

- particular technologies you're using? eg, Terraform or Kubernetes?
- particular challenges you have with toil reduction, automation and reliability.
- who would be using AMP in your organisation?

Choose a date to suit you:

Customer Stories

Tier 1 Global Bank

1000s of applications made more reliable and resilient with Cloudsoft AMP. 

This supports the bank to reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and eliminate developer friction.

I feel fortunate to have met a product like yours on my journey

- Executive Director, Tier 1 Bank


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95% reduction in unplanned downtime

95% less downtime

75% reduction in person hours

75% less toil