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Scale automation across every platform

Enabling SRE teams to deliver cross-domain orchestration to design, deploy and manage environments and applications at scale. 

AMP explained

Tech complexity, combined with lots of unstructured automation initiatives, is creating issues around digital reliability, as well as spiralling toil - often to just 'keep the lights on'.

Cloudsoft AMP solves this.

Using autonomic computing principles, AMP reduces toil with structured automation, allowing teams to focus on higher value activities and innovation.

AMP also can uniquely detect, auto-remediate and self-heal environments when business impacting issues occur.

The result? Organisations can design, deploy and manage applications at scale with up to 90% less effort and 95% greater reliability.

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Auto-remediation to cut MTTR

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Reduced toil for SRE teams

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Slicker, more efficient operations

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How AMP works

Overcome the limitations of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) with AMP.

AMP elevates IaC to Environment-as-Code (EaC), codifying everything to provide consistent, sharable and declarative management of entire environments. This enables you to:

Triangulate everything

Enable faster, smarter operations. AMP triangulates and integrates data and operations from multiple sources.

Including (but not limited to):

  • Templates and resources in Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, VMware and more
  • Metrics from AppDynamics, New Relic, Nagios and more
  • ITSM and SCM systems including GitHub, ServiceNow, Jira and more

Create rich system models

Models are the backbone of AMP, capturing systems, processes and knowledge at design- and run-time.

At design-time, create rich blueprints which capture architecture, policies, compliance, runbooks and more “as-code”.

And at runtime, maintain a consistent model across regions, platforms and environments, enabling runtime state to be visualised in a single view, with context, according to all sources. 

Advanced automation

Attach advanced automation anywhere across your technology stack.

AMP's blueprints also include declarative workflows to automate any operation. These workflows are invoked automatically in response to runtime events (e.g. resource creation, component failures, incident creation, security recommendations and more) and will simultaneously update all dependent systems (e.g. CMDB, ITSM, Git, Terraform) as required.

Enable collaboration

AMP provides a collaborative environment, with deep insight, full control, and unlimited flexibility. Usable by many stakeholders with an intuitive UI, and other automation via CLI or API.

In addition, capturing and modelling critical team knowledge reduces the risk of single-point of failure, speeds up onboarding and breaks down operational silos.

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