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When high application availability is non-negotiable

Built by application specialists, Cloudsoft AMP delivers infrastructure-independent,  application resilience which supports and augments our customers’ existing investment in infrastructure and platforms.

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Reduced downtime010002000300040005000Minutes a year5,0405MINUTES A YEAR


Achieve unparalleled levels of business critical application availability and avoid loss of business or penalties from financial services regulators.

Cloudsoft AMP elevated the availability of a customer application that previously suffered from over 84 hours of downtime per year: ~95.8%, or “one and a half nines” of availability; AMP automated management slashed that to 5 minutes a year: exceeding “5-nines” availability.

Reduced deployment55DAYSMINUTES


Quickly design and activate complex application stacks by adapting and re-deploying blueprints.

A Cloudsoft AMP customer adopted this practice to reduce the deployment of an application from a 200-page runbook that took 5 days to 5 minutes.

75%Efficiencyefficiency saving


Automate manual processes across multiple systems, facilitate remote working and remove the need for large scale operations to build a robust resiliency plan.

A major global bank achieved a 75% efficiency saving on effort for application teams using Cloudsoft AMP.

How AMP eliminates downtime

Download our Cloudsoft AMP overview to find out how we can help ensure your applications perform wherever they run. 

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Cloudsoft AMP protects your critical applications

Automate Management

Track, manage and view all applications across your entire infrastructure with a single tool.

Achieve consistent visibility and management of all applications, whether they are currently in a cloud environment, will be migrated to the cloud or remain on-premises.

Cloudsoft AMP can manage applications on:

  • VMware and OpenStack private clouds
  • container platforms based on Kubernetes, OpenShift or Cloud Foundry
  • public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Platform.
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Need a comprehensive approach to application availability?

For customers with complex systems, we provide a productivity acceleration service, placing our high level engineers on the ground to get you up and running, complete with comprehensive service agreements to ensure success.


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