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Rock-Solid Stability. Continuous Resilience. Digital Dexterity.

A public cloud experience for complex hybrid environments.

Don't shy away from the complexity of your Hybrid IT estate. Embrace it, manage it and tame it with a continuous resilience approach. Continuous resilience enables you to remove vulnerabilities, value change and accelerate transformation, at scale. 

How can you deliver this approach? Orchestration. 

Cloudsoft AMP orchestrates your applications throughout their lifecycles, regardless of the environment or location you're running them in - on-prem, in cloud, SaaS, VMs or containers.

By sitting above, and integrating with, your best-in-class tools, AMP operates at scale to provide a single control plane for the multiple technologies you manage; anticipating, monitoring, responding and learning.

The 21st century will be the century of complexity

The value of Hybrid IT orchestration

Whilst options do exist for managing both on-premises and cloud-based digital platforms and IT infrastructure, Cloudsoft AMP is the only solution which provides I&O leaders with what they need;  a fully integrated view and actionable management tools to enable digital transformation.

View our Estate Map to see how orchestration tools like Cloudsoft AMP release value from your hybrid environment.


Visibility & control

Orchestrate your entire estate

AMP's application-centric approach means that you gain visibility and control over your entire estate. AMP acts as the conductor for your estate by sitting above, and integrating with your, existing tooling. AMP works at scale to anticipate, monitor, respond and learn, meaning you no longer have to rely on hope that multiple, disconnected lower-level systems are playing in tune.

Top down visibility

Continuous resilience

99% reduction in unplanned downtime

AMP embraces the complexity of your hybrid IT estate and enables continuous resilience with its intelligent orchestration features. 

With AMP's single control plane, it becomes possible to orchestrate applications throughout their lifecycles, wherever they run.

An AMP customer boosted the availability of an application, reducing downtime from 5,040 minutes to five, exceeding "five nines" availability - a reduction of 99%.

Reduced downtime010002000300040005000Minutes a year5,0405MINUTES A YEAR

Unlock innovation with intelligent automation

Let your developers focus on delighting your customers

AMP uses intelligent automation to reduce provisioning time and manage the lifecycle of applications; with built-in orchestration to automate approvals, provisioning, decommissioning and custom action.

A major global bank achieved a 75% efficiency saving on effort for application teams using Cloudsoft AMP.

75%Efficiencyefficiency saving
Video - AMP in Action

Demo of how AMP orchestrates your critical applications

Watch Solutions Architect Alasdair Hodge guide you through how AMP monitors, protects and orchestrates your critical applications across your hybrid IT estate. 

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