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Agility. Governance. Resilience.

Now more than ever, IT has to be fast, agile and service-oriented; safely brokering, enabling and governing services across really complex hybrid IT environments.

The challenge is doing this without adding complexity.

Introducing Cloudsoft AMP

Cloudsoft AMP is powerful automation software which lets you seamlessly orchestrate and govern your critical IT services across complex hybrid IT environments. 

By sitting above, and integrating with, your best-in-class tools, AMP operates at scale to provide a single control plane for the multiple technologies you manage; anticipating, monitoring, responding and restoring.

Watch the demo to see how AMP tames IT complexity. Got a specific use-case you'd like to explore? Book a demo.

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Using AMP you can...

These results reflect typical customer success metrics.

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deliver 100% hands-off application management.

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experience a 95% reduction in recovery time.

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save with 75% reduced person hours.

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Who is AMP for?

AMP benefits organisations who manage and deploy large numbers of IT services and application across really complex hybrid IT environments.

AMP connects Product/DevOps and Infrastructure & Operations teams; modernising service delivery by safely brokering, enabling and governing IT services.

By extending their 'as-code' approach, I&O teams can modernise their practices to be more agile. They can enable well governed, self-service environments for DevOps and Product teams.

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How AMP enables an environment as a service approach

How does AMP work?

AMP is powered by 'environment-as-code'. It elevates infrastructure-as-code to provide a single, easy-to-use control plane through which you can govern and orchestrate across on-prem and all cloud-native environments, resulting in greater:

  • agility,
  • visibility,
  • resilience,
  • governance.
Environment as code

Models, blueprints and policies - all infrastructure-independent

AMP enables you to create composable design-time and consistent runtime models for any application in any environment.

Capture and codify your subject matter expertise, best practices, policies, processes, runbooks and more into reusable blueprints and attach them to automated governance policies.

And it's all completely independent of infrastructure, allowing your applications to be deployed anywhere, consistently and without error.

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How Cloudsoft AMP addresses your challenges:



My hybrid IT stack is sprawling, complex and fragile.

How do I de-risk it?

Governance & Modernisation

Providing control to your cloud environments, and the cloud experience to legacy environments.

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Day-2 Operations

Monitor health, update patches, repave or scale resources without any downtime

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How do I ensure and demonstrate operational resilience?

Operational Resilience

Unparalleled levels of resilience, self-healing, and provision of demonstrable compliance to regulators

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Vendor Exit Strategy

Ensuring resilience should a vendor go out of business, experience technical or relationship failure


How do I modernise Service Delivery & ITSM to meet the pace of change?

Self-Service Environments

Automated & consistent deployment of certified dev, test & prod environments through ITSM tools

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Dynamic Observability

Augmenting monitoring with an 'as code' approach, to implement a 'sense-policy-respond' restorative action

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