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Automate and orchestrate across increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud estates. 


Introducing Cloudsoft AMP

Cloudsoft AMP is powerful platform orchestrator that can simplify automation and amplify tech value. 

AMP ties together existing tools and platforms with your ecosystem; cloud and on-prem, on servers, containers, through external services and more.

Operating at scale, AMP provides a single, unified,  control plane to observe and manage critical applications with best in class tooling like Terraform, ServiceNow, Kubernetes and more. 

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A Gartner Digital Platform Conductor for complex IT infrastructure

AMP was recognised in the inaugural Gartner Market Guide for Digital Platform Conductor tools as suiting organisations with complex infrastructure environments who are focused on enabling business-led technology efforts and want to be I&O platform led. 

Digital Platform Conductors:

  • co-ordinate hybrid digital infrastructure management tools
  • provide a unified view of digital infrastructure and dependent applications
  • enable overarching view of infrastructure
  • evaluate and demonstrate infrastructure's contribution to business value.
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"By 2026, 75% of DPC tool adopters will be consistently successful at demonstrating I&O business value, versus 25% of nonadopters."

- Gartner

Customers using AMP can...

These results reflect typical customer success metrics.

100% hands-off application management

deliver 100% hands-off application management.

95% reduction in unplanned downtime

experience a 95% reduction in recovery time.

75% reduction in person hours

save with 75% reduced person hours.

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How Cloudsoft AMP works:

Codify your applications and your infrastructure in a declarative model (Environment-as-Code) and let AMP provide a single, unified control plane to design, manage, automate and govern entire environments; rapidly, consistently, resiliently and at scale. 


With agile approaches revolutionising technology provision and management, AMP elevates infrastructure-as-code to environment-as-code (EaC); providing a consistent and declarative way of defining, governing and managing environments, via an easy-to-use unified control plane.


Advanced automation

Simplify automation and attach it anywhere across your tech stack; AMP's sensors, effectors and declarative workflow provide advanced closed and open-loop automation - enabling self-healing, zerotouch operations, brownfield use cases and more.


Composability & blueprints

Create composable design-time and consistent runtime models in reusable blueprints; capturing and codifying architecture, best practices, policies, processes, runbooks and more; all completely independent of infrastructure, so they can be deployed anywhere, consistently and without error.

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