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Say goodbye to tech toil

Toil is a major roadblock for your SREs, engineers and IT Ops teams.

It's the ultimate time waster, and it stunts innovation and impedes productivity.

Reduce toil by more than 90% with Cloudsoft AMP.

Cut your toil by 90% with Cloudsoft AMP

Left unaddressed, toil eats up the time needed to do valuable engineering work that will prevent future toil.

The impact of this is that toil:

  • adds to tech team cognitive load and burnout
  • hinders your team from innovating
  • limits tech team productivity.

Cloudsoft AMP's advanced automation capabilities empower Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and tech teams to reduce their toil burden, resulting in improved productivity.

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Build composable, self-healing, ecosystems to reduce toil.

AMP is infrastructure-independent and can effectively manage environments across private clouds, public clouds, on-premises environments and container platforms.

This means AMP will not add to the complexity of any tech estate or to tech team toil; instead it reduces toil by aiding control and visibility, whilst maximising value from all existing technology and tooling investments and boosting productivity.

AMP enhances productivity by:

  • Simplifying full lifecycle automation in complex environments; enabling engineers to attach it anywhere across your tech stack.
  • Codifying environments, policies, compliance, runbooks and more 'as-code' into reusable blueprints.
  • Empowering reliability engineers and wider tech teams to automatically detect and resolve resilience and reliability challenges.

The result? Your teams can focus on valuable engineering work and innovation while preventing future toil.

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A tier 1 Global Bank use AMP to:

reduce toil across the team by 75%

Reduce all toil by 75%

reduce repaving effort by 94%

Reduce repave effort by 94%

reduce mean time to recover (MTTR) by 95%

reduce MTTR by 85%
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How Cloudsoft AMP works:

Codify your applications and your infrastructure in a declarative model (Environment-as-Code) and let AMP provide a single, unified control plane to design, manage, automate and govern entire environments; rapidly, consistently, resiliently and at scale. 

Advanced automation

Simplify automation and attach it anywhere across your tech stack; AMP's sensors, effectors and declarative workflow provide advanced closed and open-loop automation - enabling self-healing, zerotouch operations, brownfield use cases and more.

Autonomic operations

Powering state-of-the-art orchestration, AMP's autonomic policy-based management and associated workflow can configure, optimise, heal and protect environments under its control, automatically. Your SREs can focus on architecting for reliability, rather than fighting fires. 


Create composable design-time and consistent runtime models in reusable blueprints; capturing and codifying architecture, best practices, policies, processes, runbooks and more; all completely independent of infrastructure, so they can be deployed anywhere, consistently and without error.



With agile approaches revolutionising technology provision and management, AMP elevates infrastructure-as-code to environment-as-code (EaC); providing a consistent and declarative way of defining, governing and managing environments, via an easy-to-use unified control plane.


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