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Enabling AWS services securely via ITSM

ITSM tools and AWS cloud are strategic technologies for many enterprises. Integrating these can enable the service value chain by allowing enterprises to provision, manage, and operate native AWS resources in existing and familiar IT Service Management (ITSM) tooling, such as ServiceNow and Atlassian.

This interoperability facilitates automation and self-service in the existing ecosystem and drive significant benefits for users, administrators and business stakeholders.

Cloudsoft Fusion is the only integration-as-a-service which offers skilled end-to-end capabilities in delivering customised interoperability between cloud services and enterprise technologies.

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Why integrate AWS and ITSM?

Integration between cloud and leading enterprise software is transformative, but can face challenges:

  • tech complexity
  • skills availability
  • security
  • compliance
  • time and resource shortfalls
  • and much more.

Integration done right can simplify this complexity. End-users get cloud services quickly and securely using existing familiar tooling. Cloud service providers can support customers to adopt new services easily, quickly and with minimum disruption.

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Benefits of ITSM & AWS

The beauty of cloud technology lies in its ability to offer self-service, automation and scalability. However, when attempting to integrate cloud operations into enterprise tech ecosystems with existing, and finely tuned, ITSM processes and tools, it's possible to break this self-service model.

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How does Cloudsoft Fusion help?


We tightly integrate AWS Cloud Operations and Amazon Web Services to Jira Service Management and ServiceNow to enable self-service.


Starting where you are, our experts consult, scope and build a customised integration experience to meet your unique requirements, tools and processes.


Our approach manages complexity, by connecting across your existing ecosystem, while complementing existing technology stacks and providing customised experiences

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Global Enterprises

Cloudsoft has experience in guiding, developing and managing customised integration; working closely with large enterprises to ensure that their joined-up technology visions are brought to life.

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Amazon Web Services


Cloudsoft is the official launch partner for the AWS Connector for ServiceNow and Jira Service Management Cloud.

Cloudsoft assisted AWS with the development, customisation and implementation of the SMC for ServiceNow and Atlassian Jira.

These Connectors align to industry best practices such as ITIL® 's service management areas by enabling tools and services at the intersection of people, processes and partners. The Connectors also address a baseline set of service management practices customers use within existing operational tooling.

Cloudsoft have more knowledge and hands-on expertise with the AWS SMC than anyone else in the world.

Your innovation and integration work is superb. Cloudsoft deliver real value at high standards.

- Senior VP, Amazon Web Services. AWS_logo_RGB