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Download our latest eBook "What Everyone Needs to Know About Migrating Apps to the Cloud" and read blogs and resources useful for developing your approach to the cloud. 


What Everyone Needs to Know About Migrating Apps to the Cloud

In this eBook Cloudsoft VP of Engineering Aled Sage and Principal Engineer Alasdair Hodge answer some important questions about cloud migration projects, including:

  • how to assess the various methods of migration;
  • how you can ensure your own migration project has buy-in from across your organisation;
  • how you can realise the true strategic value of migrating to the cloud.
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Cloud Migration ebook
Cloudsoft Blog

Well-Architected Review: Why, what and how?

Read about how Well-Architected Reviews can be  a fast way to identify improvements to your existing architecture. Well-Architected Reviews can also help you to to prioritise indentified improvements based on their benefits/risks and the effort required.

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Wherever you are on your cloud journey, deciding the next steps to take can sometimes feel overwhelming. Migrate or rebuild? Agility or security? Cost management or innovation?

Discover the value of cloud and how you can realise it for your business, along with real-world case studies of organisations and their cloud journeys.

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Cloudsoft Blog

AWS Savings Plans: Five Top Tips

AWS Savings Plans can help you save up to 72% on compute costs. This blog outlines our Five Top Tips for making the most out of this feature and also explores some of the differences between Compute Savings Plans, EC2 Instance Savings Plans and Reserved Instances.

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Our cloud, application and automation experts can help you with a range of cloud optimisation projects:

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