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Cloud management resources

Ebooks, infographics and blogs to help you get a better understanding of cloud migration, cloud financial management (FinOps), sustainability in the cloud and more. 

Cloud migration

What everyone needs to know about migration to the cloud!

Cloud migration can often seem like a maze with no beginning, but our migration white paper breaks down migration and provides a fantastic introduction to the steps and how to undertake them. 

From cutting costs to increasing your security, improving your operational resilience to accessing the infinite scalability of the cloud, there are hundreds of reasons to want to migrate to the cloud. 

Learn more about the steps you need to take to prepare, and complete, a successful cloud migration in our white paper. 

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Sustainability in the cloud

Searching for Sustainability in Tech

By 2030, 10% of global electricity will be used up by IT, and the tech sector's carbon emissions will be on par with that of the aviation industry. 

No wonder 88% of IT leaders think their teams can do better when it comes to meeting NetZero targets. 

Searching for Sustainability in Tech is an introduction to tech's climate impact, and the steps tech teams can take now to make their IT estates more sustainable. 

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Cloud cost optimisation

Controlling cloud costs with FinOps

Saving money is a key benefit of cloud adoption, but it's not always easy to realise this benefit.

Around a third of cloud spend is wasted - so here's five common reasons teams struggle to control their cloud spend. 

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Well Optimised Cloud Spend

Cost savings are often the reason that organisations take their first step into cloud. There are a myriad of ways you can save money by using cloud so it's a great place to start. But the real end goal is to ensure profitability whether you are saving or spending on cloud. Gaining cost advantages today while adopting great financial operations (FinOps) practices delivers long term profitability.

Download the infographic to see how implementing FinOps can ensure your cloud spend is well optimised.

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