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The promise of the cloud is simplicity, agility and affordability. However, the reality can be much more complicated.

Whether you're looking to migrate to AWS, modernise your applications or optimise your costs w
e’re here to make the complex simple, so you can focus on development, innovation and growing your business.

Transformational services to help you get the most from your cloud investment.

The promise of the cloud is simplicity, agility and affordability. However, the reality can be much more complicated.

We’re here to make the complex simple, so you can focus on development, innovation and growing your business.

We can help you to:

  • migrate to AWS;
  • modernise your applications;
  • optimise your AWS costs, and adopt FinOps;
  • adopt best practices like DevOps and improve cloud management;
  • run Microsoft applications on AWS.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners we have competencies in Microsoft Workloads, DevOps, Well Architected and more. This means we've proven our deep expertise in these areas and are trusted by AWS to deliver the right advice to customers. 

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AWS Cost Optimisation

We know that cloud costs can be challenging. It's easy to overspend, and difficult to rein the spend in without impacting on the agility your teams need to innovate.

To avoid reaching a 'cloud bill panic point', talk to us. We'll get to know you, your business and your needs and tailor our cloud cost optimisation recommendations accordingly. 

You'll get an easy-to-action plan, or if you need help executing the recommendations we're happy to do that too!

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Really Well Architected

You’ve probably heard of Well-Architected Framework Reviews. To be honest, we'd prefer you were Really Well Architected. That's why we go above and beyond a basic AWS Well-Architected Framework review. We look at your application in context to ensure your cloud environment is running optimally and investigate why you might not be getting the results you’d hoped for.

You’ll get personalised recommendations for improvements, and the cost of remediation could be offset by AWS credits. 

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Don't know where to start with the cloud? Don't panic.

We'll assess your requirements and tailor our advice to help you design your cloud strategy and ensure your adoption is on track. 

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Migrating to the cloud can be complex, but it doesn't have to be.

Successfully migrate your critical applications to the cloud with our full migration and consulting services. 

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We start with your applications because that's where your value lies. Benefit from the scalability, automation and cost savings you get with the cloud, and make sure your applications are delivering. We can also help you explore how new AWS technologies can improve your cloud environment.

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You need to know your cloud, and your data, is in safe hands whilst still allowing your teams to benefit from the agility of cloud. Make sure your cloud is Well Managed with 24x7x365 next-gen services to ensure your cloud is performant, resilient and secure.

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AWS Security Review

Cloud security is a non-negotiable, with security being the top concern for 85% of enterprises. To address this challenge, our comprehensive cloud security reviews help detect any vulnerabilities in your AWS environment, taking into account your business context and wider security practices - resulting in concrete tailored and prioritised recommendations, giving you more confidence in your cloud security.

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If you'd like to find out more about any of our services, book your free one-to-one consultation with one of our AWS certified consultants. We'll discuss your goals and provide advice on next steps. 

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And more...

Microsoft on AWS

AWS runs almost twice as many Windows applications than Microsoft Azure does. Surprised? AWS has supported Windows applications for 14 years, experience which flows to us, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and also on to you. 

We're one of the Advanced AWS Consulting Partners in Scotland certified in Microsoft Workloads. Why? Because we know AWS is a great choice, enabling you to take advantage of flexibility, cost savings, reliability, maturity and much more.

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We're also an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with certified DevOps competency. We deliver services to help you manage your deployments with automation; ensuring continuous deployment & continuous delivery.

Whether you’re starting out with DevOps for the first time, looking to expand practice across your business or mature your approach, we’re here to help.


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