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How video communications platform CitNOW responded to increased demand

CitNOW migrated their MySQL databases to AWS Aurora, benefitting from streamlined operations, improved reliability and security as well as cost savings.

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About CitNOW

CitNOW arguably founded the automotive video industry in 2008, when they developed a video-based app to solve the challenge of allowing people to view cars without visiting car showrooms. 

Their first customer was BMW, and they now work with over 43 car manufacturers - helping them get their products in front of their customers in what is traditionally a very hands-on buying process. 

Why they chose Cloudsoft

As demand for remote services grew in 2020, CitNOW wanted to invest in the reliability of their systems and chose to migrate their MySQL databases to AWS Aurora and concurrently modernise their workloads.

Cloudsoft's experienced cloud architects and engineers helped us accelerate our migration and modernisation project, resulting in simplified operations, improved reliability and security, and reduced costs.



Cloudsoft's cloud expertise complemented the domain expertise of our team, and helped us establish a strong cloud foundation following best practices. I'd strongly recommend Cloudsoft as a partner.

Colin Hamilton, Director of Engineering, CitNOW

Cloud Migration & Modernisation Projects

Through the experience of many successful migrations, we understand what makes a migration project work. We take an application-centred approach and combine the 7Rs of Migration Practices and tools with the Well-Architected Framework to:

- assess your applications and workloads;

- migrate your workloads from on-premises to AWS;

- work with you to operate and evolve your workloads to be more cloud native over time.

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The migration and modernisation project was accelerated with Cloudsoft's expertise.

Simplified operations and reduced costs.

Improved reliability & security.

The MySQL database was successfully migrated to AWS Aurora.