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 We know that migrating to the cloud can be confusing and complex. That’s why our AWS experts are here to make your complex simple, no nonsense guaranteed. 

Whether you're a cloud novice, or are wanting to migrate more applications to an existing AWS environment, we're here to help you, every step of the way.

And as an AWS Partner, we can help you access funding for every stage of your migration with the Migration Acceleration Program.


Don’t know where to start? - Don’t panic! We’ll get you on track. We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cloud migration - so we start by listening. Our goal is to get to the point - and your goals - quickly.

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Without a solid plan, migrations can be time-consuming, expensive, and can often go wrong. With Cloudsoft Well Migrated, our experienced team will ensure a successful and efficient migration to the cloud, every time.

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Well Adopted Services

Cloud Strategy Workshops

Don’t have a comprehensive cloud strategy or want your strategy reviewed by experts? Need to build a business case? This business-focused Cloudsoft service will enable your organisation to make the right cloud decisions and maximise the opportunity that cloud presents.

Through assessments and analysis with our expert consultants, we’ll help you develop a high-level strategy or business for your organisation, along with proven principles and actionable suggestions to deliver your cloud strategy effectively.

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Don't just take our word for it...

"Cloudsoft brought expertise in cloud strategy and implementation, helping us to navigate complex technology landscapes. Cloudsoft’s insights and advice were invaluable."

- SimCorp

Read more about SimCorp's project here.



Cloud Readiness Workshops

Need help getting everyone on the same page? The Cloudsoft Cloud Readiness service helps you determine the value of migrating to the cloud and how to get your teams ready for the migration.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cloud readiness, so this workshop will take place with various members of your organisation to:

  • assess the value of the cloud;
  • review key areas of readiness;
  • identify gaps and areas of improvement;
  • identify an action plan to deliver.
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Well Migrated Services

Database Migration

Your database is what powers your applications - and your business.

Migrating databases to AWS can deliver greater security, limitless scale and unrivalled reliability, reducing both your database costs and your staff costs. However, database migration is a challenge with many moving parts to manage. You might be an expert with your source database engine; but does your team have the expertise to successfully migrate to your chosen target database?

Let our AWS Experts do the hard work for you.


End-to-end support with database migration, helping you to:

- understand your source database;

- scope and make the changes required for migration;

- identify the right target database to migrate to;

- perform and monitor the migration;

- support you with ongoing modernisation of your databases in the cloud.

“Remaining in a traditional data center wasn’t sufficiently scalable or sustainable, given the rapid and consistent growth of the global business."

- Marcus Corner, Technology Architect at Insights

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Application Migration

Your applications are how your users consume your services, so you need to be confident they can scale with demand and provide the seamless, secure experience your customers expect. Cloud migration can deliver that.

We take a three-stage approach to every migration:

1. Assess

2. Mobilise

3. Migrate and modernise

By following these steps we identify cloud readiness, conduct a gap analysis and develop your cloud skills, helping you to unlock the agility of the cloud, grasp the power to innovate and accelerate digital transformation.

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Migration Acceleration Program

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program helps to make sure your migration is both technically sound and cost-effective, so you get maximum value. 

As an AWS Partner, we can help you apply for funding for each stage of the program:

  1. Assess your readiness, and the value of cloud;
  2. Plan and prioritise your migration;
  3. Migrate to AWS!

Want to learn more about the MAP to migration success, and the funding opportunities available, read this blog or download our info sheet.


Guide to Cloud Migration

In our handy Guide to Cloud Migration, we outline the choices you have, the approaches you can take and how to maximise the transformative potential of the cloud.

The guide takes a closer look at the 7-R's model of the actual migration, as well as the assessment and planning phases.

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