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Fujitsu AIOps solution, built with Cloudsoft AMP, delivers 100% availability for Formwize

For Formwize, the availability of their cloud-based survey platform is paramount. They identified that intelligent automation could enable multi-cloud failover, meaning that if their primary cloud provider were to suffer an outage their applications would automatically, and seamlessly, failover to a new cloud environment. 

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The solution

Formwize selected Fujitsu as their partner, and onboarded the Fujitsu AIOps solution which is built with Cloudsoft AMP. Cloudsoft AMP’s policy-based sensors automatically detect issues or outages and take action as predetermined by the user. In this case, Formwize wanted to failover to Fujitsu’s managed AWS platform.

We must ensure zero data loss and 100 per cent availability, which you would expect from the world’s leading cloud platforms...However, there are always unforeseen events and incidents with the potential to disrupt operations.

- James Neilson, Chief Digital Officer, Formwize.

The benefits

Formwize soon felt the benefit - when their cloud supplier experienced catastrophic failure Fujitsu’s AIOps solution and Cloudsoft AMP kicked in to failover the application to the AWS environment. With no intervention required from the Formwize team, and a seamless transition with no impact on customers, they did not even realise there had been an issue.

There are broader business benefits too, for example freeing up the Formwize team to focus on developing the application experience and making customer-focused improvements: 

“We need to automatically build and deliver, then constantly evolve our web-based SaaS application for our customers without armies of human engineers. Our application needs to be delivered to any target platform, including containers, cloud, virtual machines and bare metal, which our own customers dictate. We need our application to be always-on and if it fails it needs to be re-started elsewhere, ideally with our alternate hosting vendor,” continues Neilson. “Re-start must be immediate and with an up-to-date synchronised copy of our customers’ data. It can also never lose any data and we want all this automated to keep costs down. I want robots to get up and fix things in the middle of the night. This can free my team to concentrate on developing the application experience.” 

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Cloudsoft AMP

 Cloudsoft AMP is a powerful automation and orchestration tool. By elevating infrastructure as code to Environment-as-Code, AMP lets you seamlessly orchestrate and govern your critical IT services across complex hybrid IT environments. 

Cloudsoft AMP is used by some of the world's largest enterprises in heavily regulated industries, helping to tame tech complexity and deliver organisational resilience.

Want to see AMP in action? Watch the demo:



Seamless multicloud failover

Enhanced application availability

Reduced costs

More time for innovation