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Self-heal in seconds

Harness the power of auto-remediation to effortlessly detect, swiftly respond to, and seamlessly resolve incidents, all without the need for human intervention.

Create and operate self-healing systems, at scale.

AMP powers the cross-domain orchestration required to auto-remediate in complex environments.

AMP's autonomic policy-based management and associated workflow can configure, optimise, heal and protect environments under its control, automatically. 

Watch the demo video to see AMP's auto-remediation capabilities in action, and book your personalised demo below.

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The true cost of downtime

Outages aren't just inconvenient, they're also incredibly expensive and a drain on your team's time. 

Auto-remediation with Cloudsoft AMP reduces outage time to seconds, enabling SRE teams to focus their efforts on architecting for reliability instead of fighting fires. 

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Auto-remediation with AMP

Create rich 'as-code' models

Elevate Infrastructure-as-Code to 'Environment-as-Code' to provide consistent, shareable and declarative management of environments at scale. 

Capture architecture, policies, compliance, runbooks and more 'as-code' at design-time and maintain a consistent model across regions, platforms and environments at run-time. 

Automatically invoke workflows to in response to incidents or failures to remediate the issue automatically. 

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Faster, smarter operations

AMP integrates and triangulates data from multiple sources across your stack, enabling continuous monitoring and smarter operations across your entire technology ecosystem.

In combination with AMP's models, this data is used to detect incidents and automatically resolve them. Resulting in up to 95% less downtime, and less incident-associated SRE toil.

AMP integrates with Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, VMWare, New Relic, GitHub, ServiceNow and more.

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