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Take the toil calculator to find the true cost of toil


Understand the impact of toil on your team and how to address the related costs.


Toil can be a significant problem for any engineering team, and it can lead to:

  • reduced productivity
  • wasted resources
  • frustration and burnout among team members.

Toil also comes with tangible expense. According to Gartner, 75% of IT Operations team time is consumed by toil! Whilst it isn't possible (or desirable) to eliminate all toil from your tech teams' day-to-day, you can significantly reduce it with good automation.


That's why we've developed a toil calculator that can help you understand the cost of toil and how you can reduce it.

The calculator considers your team size, your estimated time on toil and the overall cost of your team to provide a personalised result along with an estimation of the savings you could achieve from implementing good automation with Cloudsoft AMP.

So why not give our toil calculator a try and discover the potential savings for your team?





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