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ASP: 24/7 AWS support and continuous improvement

Who are ASP?

ASP design, build and support conference and exhibition websites around the world for event organisers of all sizes. Each year their websites deliver in excess of 100 million page views. As a company with such a large global reach, it’s vital they have round-the-clock reliability to deliver optimal service to their customers. And should an issue arise, ASP needed assurance that issues would be resolved promptly, even at 3 am on a Sunday morning. To deliver this, ASP turned to Cloudsoft to provide 24/7 cover. 

ASP has previously worked with Cloudsoft to migrate to AWS and implement native services like Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Content Delivery Network (CDN), so they were confident that Cloudsoft had the expertise to deliver the 24/7 support they needed and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.


What we do for ASP

Cloudsoft provides a number of key services to support ASP in running their AWS environments. These include:                                                                        

  • 24/7 cover for responding to automated alerts and manually reported incidents
  • Assessing the environment for cost, performance and security improvements
  • Making recommendations to the ASP for continual improvement
  • Monthly catch-up calls with ASP to ensure they are receiving the right level of support to meet their needs. 

The benefits:

Thanks to Cloudsoft, ASP can now confidently create websites for their clients knowing that the underlying AWS infrastructure is reliable, fast and secure. Cloudsoft’s expert consultants provide regular feedback to keep ASP’s AWS environment up to date and running in line with current best practices. 

Dan Pacitti, CTO at ASP,  said: 

"We’re delighted with the service from Cloudsoft, from their help in originally helping us move to AWS, and the subsequent follow up 24/7 support they offer us."

It gives us a great peace of mind knowing that our AWS environment is being managed by experts, allowing us to get on with what we do well without having to worry about things going wrong in the cloud.

"The customer service Cloudsoft provides is fantastic, proactively finding ways for us to save money, and modernising our infrastructure."

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Continuous security and performance improvements

24/7 cover for responding to automated alerts and incidents

A more reliable AWS environment