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BT/ Formwize

Bringing the scalability, agility and cost-efficiency of the cloud to your enterprise applications

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You need to know that your business applications are scalable, available and able to deliver to service levels you plan for - no matter how many customers suddenly use them. You need to ensure the excellent service levels you demand are being met through them and that the end-user experience is highly satisfactory. But there has to be a point at which constantly extending your physical IT resources, the the technical expertise you buy in, is no longer viable.

Increasingly, organisations of every size are turning the the cloud for its flexibility, agility and cost efficiency. BT Cloud Compute, in collaboration with Cloudsoft AMP, offers freedom from the constraints of on-premise hosted solutions.

AMP makes it easy to set up and run robust, secure enterprise applications in the cloud, with the ability to adapt instantly  to changes in use or user numbers. You have the peace of mind that your applications are constantly monitored and automatically managed so that they perform as they should at all times. 

Formwize: effortlessly 'wired up' by AMP provides DIY creation and distribution of online forms for rapid customer response. To maintain high customer service, as well as continued profitability, the company had to find ways to avoid the spiralling costs of adding new servers when immediate growth was required. Its search for flexible development had also left blurred lines between its server functions, and its intranet and the Internet. 

With Cloudsoft AMP and BT Cloud, Formwize now has control of its IT estate for the first time. The virtualisation solution provides for zero downtime; eliminated six-figure bills for staffing and IT consultancy; achieved ROI in just 12 months; and saved 60% on hosting costs. By leveraging Cloudsoft AMP the application can scale rapidly when needed and shrink when high usage abates. This reduces the Cloud OpEx based running costs whilst allowing for spike demands to be resources automatically. 

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Formwize saved 60% on hosting costs.

Eliminated six-figure bills for staffing and IT consultancy.

Zero downtime - applications are constantly monitored and automatically managed for optimal performance.

Easily set up and run robust, secure applications in the cloud.