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Creating a cloud-hosted UI and new CI/CD pipeline

How a leading data migration company got their product ready for AWS Marketplace

We worked with a leading data migration and replication company, who provide a range of data services from migrating data to the cloud at speed and scale to delivering machine-learning driven business insights. 

Meet the customer

The customer wanted to add a new UI to their data migration product, turning it into a click-to-provide service which would be available via the AWS Marketplace and other app marketplaces. Already a self-service product requiring on-prem installation, the new UI would enable them to launch as a pay-as-you-go service.

The customer team are data and storage experts but wanted to complement their domain expertise with Cloudsoft’s deep AWS technical expertise and experience of launching products on AWS Marketplace. Cloudsoft acted as an extension of the customer team, delivering the UI project efficiently whilst they continued with their high-value BAU tasks. Security was also very important to them, as they handle huge volumes of client data.

The project

The customer wanted Cloudsoft to provide architecture advice as well as assist with the implementation of their product as a pay-as-you-go service. This included: 

  • Building Marketplace artifacts
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Security scanning
  • Marketplace integration
  • Help with documentation for end customers.

The outcome

The product was released to AWS Marketplace, alongside internal documentation and end-user documentation. Cloudsoft also delivered a new CI/CD pipeline, enabling the customer to automate the release of updated builds to AWS Marketplace easily, quickly and securely. 


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