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Criton - AWS Integration

Criton transform guest experiences of the future for leading brands with Cloudsoft and AWS

Criton is an innovative new platform for the hospitality sector. It allows accommodation operators to digitise their guest information and create an easy to use guest portal for all of their guest facing technology. This portal enhances the guest experience and allows hoteliers to increase their guest engagement and maximise their in-stay spend.


Why Cloudsoft and AWS

Criton decided to move to a next generation cloud MSP because their growth plan required higher levels of agility, resilience, security and to exploit the AWS innovations that benefit their customers.

As our guest portal impacts directly on guest experience, our leading hospitality operators rely on our technology to deliver 100% of the time...Speed and reliability are crucial, and it is for these two reasons that we decided to partner with Cloudsoft because they can underpin our business with the agility, resilience and innovation of the cloud.

Julie Grieve, CEO of Criton. 

The first step on the Criton journey with Cloudsoft and AWS was to migrate their application from the current provider to AWS. Cloud Engineers from Cloudsoft collaborated with Criton engineering to replatform the application into a well-architected AWS account.

The second step on the Criton journey was to establish a new operating model, ensuring that the Criton developer and innovation workflow wasn’t disrupted whilst adding much more visibility and observability to improve the flow. Cloudsoft applied well-architected, industry best practices and elegant automation to monitor, control and protect the Criton cloud infrastructure, backed up by 24x7 support and world-class Cloud Engineering talent that are uniquely experts in applications, automation and AWS.

“The Cloudsoft Engineering team are very knowledgeable about not just AWS, but application development, cloud automation and operations.” said Cedric Clain, Head of Engineering at Criton. “There is a good cultural fit, we collaborate well and the migration was smooth, as was a subsequent application release. We now look forward to evolving our platform in partnership with Cloudsoft.”

The next step on the Criton journey is to iteratively refactor and evolve the application at the speed that matches Criton’s business needs. An early example is the development of a new continuous integration and delivery pipeline using DevOps techniques. This will see Criton collaborate with Cloudsoft to leverage more cloud-native services to leverage the unique innovation available in AWS.

Ross Gray, Cloudsoft CEO, says, “It’s an honour to be trusted by an innovative startup like Criton in an important stage of their journey. Our capabilities are well matched to what they need to support their growth and innovation, and we look forward to building on our joint early successes.”


Criton's cloud infrastructure now continuously monitored, controlled and protected with automation