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MAIA - Optimising AWS architecture

How FinTech MAIA optimised their AWS architecture, and their skills

MAIA provides a multi-asset, software platform for financial asset managers and hedge funds. The platform is designed and built by MAIA’s technical engineers.

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MAIA took the strategic decision to work with Cloudsoft, to supply cloud expertise and consultancy to support their internal software development team.  Cloudsoft’s experts work as an extension of the MAIA team, always covering holidays/illness, sharing knowledge and striving to continually improve MAIA’s use of AWS.

We needed to work with consultant engineers who would be able to quickly get up to speed with the complexity of our stack, and we definitely got this with the Cloudsoft team.

The project

The initial phase of the client onboarding project was discovery and documentation, completed in less than a month. This involved a thorough review of the architecture, processes and supporting materials. The primary goals were to capture information in the heads of key employees, ensure documentation was correct and thorough, and to create runbooks and playbooks.

The second phase was to provide ongoing 24/7 support, implement efficiency gains in AWS usage and implement improvements to the platform hosting architecture. Given the nature of MAIA’s products and customers, security and reliability are paramount.

Throughout these phases, there was continual upskilling of the wider MAIA team. This was accomplished through mini-bootcamp training sessions, working closely with the MAIA team to share knowledge, and through improvements to the documentation and runbooks.

The outcomes

Cloudsoft continues to work with MAIA as an extension of the team: delivering 24/7 support, assistance with DevOps and engineering tasks, and up-skilling of the team. Benefits for MAIA include:

  • Better documentation, runbooks and playbooks.
  • Improved AWS usage and hosting architecture, especially a streamlined release process, automation, monitoring and alerting which all contribute to the security and reliability of the platform.
  • Better AWS and DevOps skills across the MAIA development team: greater confidence with the ongoing management and maintenance of their environment, as well as for further application development.
  • Access to cloud and DevOps experts on-demand, for answering questions, reviews, and hands-on assistance.
  • 24/7 support by cloud experts.

"We chose Cloudsoft because of their deep AWS expertise and experience which extends beyond AWS. The Cloudsoft engineers helped our whole team to understand our AWS architecture and to feel confident in maintaining and further developing it. We’re really pleased with the quality of Cloudsoft’s work, the value for money and are looking forward to continuing our work with them on further optimising our AWS architecture."

- Jago Westmacott, CTO, MAIA

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Faster innovation and experimentation.

Better documentation, runbooks and playbooks.

Better AWS and DevOps skills, more broadly distributed.

Ongoing 24/7 support