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Origo Services - Serverless and Containers Immersion Days

FinTech Origo gets Immersed in Containers and Serverless

Origo deepened their knowledge of Serverless and containerised applications on AWS with tailored Cloudsoft-led Immersion Days.

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Origo is a FinTech company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the UK’s financial services industry. Origo is owned by UK financial services groups, and thus is focused on building and operating solutions to enable financial organisations to save time, money and resources, and enable exceptional customer outcomes.

Origo is a hybrid organisation, operating some workloads on-prem and some in AWS. Whilst the team at Origo have some experience of building serverless and containerised applications, they wanted to deepen that skillset and distribute the knowledge across the team more widely.

The team were full of enthusiasm after the Immersion Days with Cloudsoft. They learnt a lot - keeping experts and beginners engaged with an interactive and expert-led approach. It was a very efficient way to upskill our team.

- Dan Godley, Head of Development at Origo

Immersion Days

Origo were keen to explore more around Containers and Serverless applications in AWS during two Cloudsoft-led Immersion Days.

Having previously worked with Cloudsoft on Well-Architected Reviews and hands-on assistance for their AWS environments, Origo knew they could trust Cloudsoft’s technical expertise, with advice tailored to Origo’s specific business needs.

Immersion Days combine presentations, practical labs and discussions to enable participants to really get to grips with the subject matter. Prior to the sessions, Cloudsoft worked with Origo to establish what topics should be covered. The end result was a highly tailored experience for the attendees, which took into account Origo's context. 

The guiding structure for the Immersion Days was: 

Containers Immersion Day

  • Introduction to containers and Docker
  • Amazon ECR
  • Amazon ECS
  • Amazon EKS
  • AWS Fargate
  • CI/CD

Serverless Immersion Day

  • Overview of Serverless on AWS

  • Event-Driven Architectures

  • Developing and Deploying Serverless Applications
  • Serverless Security
  • Serverless Architecture Patterns



Origo are excited to develop their use of Containers and Serverless to further accelerate their cloud projects. By up-skilling the whole team in immersive, hands-on sessions, they can ensure that best practices are being followed for the security, scalability and reliability of their applications.

Whilst we want to develop our own skills at Origo, having the support of a partner like Cloudsoft means we have a huge bank of expertise to draw upon to accelerate our cloud projects.

Origo continue to work with Cloudsoft to accelerate their cloud projects.

Want to learn more about Serverless?

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Better understanding of serverless and containers across the team.

Improved cloud development skills.

Cloud projects accelerated.