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Building Modern Applications, AWS Security and AI & ML

The third Cloud Pathway event in Codebase, Edinburgh, saw three speakers bring what looks like three separate topics together for the local Edinburgh cloud and business community.

However, the key point is that many organisations today are doing these three things- and lots more! - on AWS as they modernise and transform their businesses.

Building Modern Applications on AWS

Steve Chambers from Cloudsoft took the meeting through:

  • Who is building what modern applications on AWS?
  • The problems with not-modern apps!
  • A checklist for building modern apps on AWS

As usual, the point of these presentations is to give the community both real-world insights and action actionable advice.

See Steve's slides on Building Modern Apps on AWS

Thinking out Cloud: AWS Security

Stu Hirst is well-known in the Scottish Security Community and a regular speaker on the circuit. As a seasoned security "bod" he's be doing cloud and specifically AWS security for some time now. He's collected tools, insights and advice on what - and what not - to do.

Get Stu's slides on Thinking out Cloud: AWS Security

AI & ML by AWS

This can seem like a far-away, futuristic topic that is only relevant for niche use cases. Ricardo Sueiras from AWS brought AI & ML right into focus with an excellent presentation on where the subjects came from, a fascinating historical perspective, then modern applications and a demo of how you can do it from the comfort of your armchair!

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