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Cloudsoft on ITSM Crowd 42 - Cloud for Service Managers

It was a huge pleasure to be invited on to episode 42 of ITSM Crowd to discuss "Cloud for Service Managers". At Cloudsoft we migrate, run and evolve applications in the cloud which means we are engaged with ITSM all the time. Also, In my past five years of "doing cloud" with organizations ranging from startups to the United Nations, I've seen a missing piece in the people and process part of cloud: where's the Cloud Service Delivery Manager?

What's in the podcast?

On this live podcast, Claire Agutter of ITSM Zone and I discussed some cloud definitions, including public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Along the way, I explained some of the benefits of cloud adoption, and also some of the areas to look out for. No BS :)

We then moved on to discuss the impact of cloud on the service management role. I totally see a role developing for Cloud Service Delivery Managers. These are people accountable for the service management side of cloud (and there's a lot!) who can help organisations to get the best from their cloud while still keeping an eye on areas like security, availability and cost. I also provided some great tips on where to get started if you’re currently a service delivery manager who wants to learn more.

Cloud Resources

Want to learn more? Check out these free Cloudsoft resources:

Also from AWS, mentioned on the podcast:

You can watch the episode below, and if you’ve got any questions that you’d like to ask the panel members then contact us on Twitter using #ITSMCrowd.

If you want to appear on a future ITSM Crowd, get in touch with Claire and the team at ITSM Zone. If you’ve got a specialist subject they always looking for guests – contact them to learn more.

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