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How to be an Automation Hero

Tech is more critical than ever, making downtime increasingly intolerable and phenomenally expensive. In fact, 25% of outages in 2022 cost over $1 million dollars. So no wonder 80% of IT leaders say automation is their leading choice for IT system modernisation.

The problem is that more and more teams are being asked to automate more and more at the same time as their technology environments are becoming more and more complex. The result is disjointed, one-off automation initiatives which fail to deliver reliability, performance or value. 

But, all is not lost! Automation Heroes can save the day! Read on to discover how, or download your copy of our guide: How to be an Automation Hero.

How to be an Automation Hero - ebook

The ebook sets out the Cloudsoft Automation Maturity model, so you can quickly figure out your next steps to further grow your automation practice. 

3 reasons why good automation is a no-brainer: 

1) Improve Reliability

Site Reliability Engineers use automation to maintain high levels of availability, implementing practices like auto-remediation to sense failure and automatically remediate the issue. This results in less downtime and less time wasted on incident resolution.

2) Reduce Toil

Toil is low-value work that could be automated but often isn't, and it's the enemy of productivity. Toil stems from both a lack of automation and also siloed, one-off automation which is taxing to both build and maintain.

3) Optimise Costs

By freeing up developer time to innovate, and deploy better code, faster you can drive more value from the skills you've invested in. A more reliable product also means less downtime, which reduces related costs! 

Ready to take the next steps on your automation journey?

To figure out your next steps, you need to know where you're starting from! Our Automation Maturity model will take you from Automation Apprentice all the way to Automation Hero.

automation maturity model landscape

To get started, download your free copy of How to be an Automation Hero below.




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