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AWS | How to build and migrate on AWS?

How do you build and migrate on AWS?

A growing number of businesses are building and migrating their applications on AWS. But build and migrate is a tricky process, and this raises a lot of questions for new cloud users:

  • How do other organisations  succeed in safely migrating and in harnessing cloud benefits?
  • What are the practices to adopt to successfully build applications on AWS including key metrics on how to become high-performing?
  • What migration methods are available and which one is right for you?
  • What is the Well-Architected Framework and how do you use it for build and migrate?

At our webinar held on May 21st, Steve Chambers, COO at Cloudsoft, shared the latest best practices to build and migrate your applications to AWS and to increase business agility, application resilience and performance, tougher security with cost-effectiveness and global accessibility.

On top of that, the AWS London Summit happened on May 8th and revealed more build and migrate practices that you can leverage to succeed in running your applications on AWS. AWS Technical Evangelist Steven Bryen recapped some of those news in the webinar.

The webinar was recorded so you can still learn from our cloud expert speakers, but don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions left after watching it.


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