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Fusion - Global FMCG organisation

Driving value through integrating ITSM & AWS Cloud

A Cloudsoft Fusion case study.

Belonging to a diverse and extremely competitive industry, FMCG companies must always be on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs from a digital perspective.

Leveraging technologies like cloud computing can help them accelerate their digital transformation and overcome challenges such as high competition, ever-increasing customer expectations, process consolidation, increasing regulations, and more.

The customer

The customer is a global FMCG organisation, operating on almost every continent with tens of thousands of outlets, and has served tens of millions of customers worldwide. 

Digitally determined and having embraced cloud technologies in the form of AWS, the customer was now challenged to integrate AWS services with its service management solution of choice, ServiceNow, in order to unlock the potential of the service value chain.

Having evaluated the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow, the customer recognised they needed contextualised integration in order to make AWS services available with self-service guardrails via their bespoke ServiceNow service catalogue.

Engaging Cloudsoft Fusion

The FMCG customer needed a solutions partner not only with deep knowledge of the AWS service management connector, but world-class development skills and the ability to be able to work successfully in partnership with their managed service partner and AWS.

Cloudsoft, an AWS Launch Partner for the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow, had assisted AWS with the installation and code development. Cloudsoft therefore had more knowledge and hands-on expertise with the connector than anyone else in the world and was ideally placed to help the customer unlock the value of bringing  these critical technologies together.

Thanks to this unrivalled experience, the Cloudsoft Fusion team was engaged to deliver the end-to-end customised connectivity project. The project had a tight timeline, so this experience proved to be critical. 

The Solution 

The Cloudsoft Fusion team, once engaged, quickly advised what was standard in the connector, whilst defining the development requirements to meet the project objectives. The goal was to enable users to self-serve AWS cloud services through their familiar customised ServiceNow service catalogue interface, and in doing so, enable interaction between AWS cloud services and ServiceNow functionality such as Incident Management, Requested Item, Change Requests and tasks.  

The Cloudsoft team developed a bespoke solution leveraging the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow, and augmenting this with enhanced workflows, defined business rules, scheduled jobs and more. The AWS services providing feeds and bi-directional connectivity included AWS App Registry, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Config, AWS Security Hub and more. 

The Results

The project, despite being complex, was delivered on time (12 weeks) and within budget and quickly delivered significant tangible benefits to the customer. These included;

  • Unlocking the potential of the end-to-end service value chain, facilitating value realisation through the creation and management of AWS services via service management.
  • AWS Provisioning was now simplified and expedited via ServiceNow.
  • Realisation of self-service cloud services, with requisite guardrails for customer ServiceNow users.

"The experience and technical depth of the team really helped us to get through this successfully. Even with a very customised environment of ServiceNow, the team was able to pick things up pretty quickly and deliver the solution on time."

AWS Product Manager

The Cloudsoft Fusion team have designed and built the AWS Service Management Connectors for ServiceNow and Atlassian Jira alongside AWS, giving them a unique insight and skill with these critical ITSM tools. 

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Realising value through customised AWS and ServiceNow integration

Simplified AWS provisioning

Improved cloud governance and operations

Realisation of self-service cloud services