We make migrating, running and evolving applications in the cloud a simple and successful customer experience.


The outcome of the standard Migrate professional service is a running application in AWS that has been replatformed.

Cloudsoft recommends that customers also purchase the Run managed service so Cloudsoft can complement the customer team with their application and cloud management expertise.

It is possible for customers to buy the Replatform professional service as a stand-alone and Cloudsoft will work with the customer to migrate one application to the cloud. Then, the customer will manage the application from that point on, instead of Cloudsoft.

It is possible to extend the standard service for application migrations, and more complex applications and these will be scoped and priced accordingly.


Run is Cloudsoft's managed service offering that manages the cloud and application resources in the cloud. This frees up the customer to focus on their application code, and allows them to leverage Cloudsoft engineering and automation to reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to events and exploit the cloud.

The Run service requires investment in onboarding professional services, most commonly in the form of the Migrate service. This is to ensure the application is understood, modelled, blueprinted and managed correctly. Cloudsoft does not do "My Mess For Less" outsourcing and does not manage "unknown applications" that are not blueprinted.

Managed Run costs vary because of the different cloud resources required by different application types, and these costs will be estimated at the start of the engagement and based on the application needs.


Evolve professional services are add-ons to the Cloudsoft Run managed service. It is through Evolve services that Cloudsoft help the customer to refactor their application in the cloud to reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to business events and exploit cloud innovation.

A number of professional services days can be bundled into the Run managed services cost to amortise the cost and effort throughout the year.

The customer also has options to add more Evolve professional services to meet bigger demands.

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