A complete set of AWS Advanced Consulting services to migrate, run and evolve applications in the cloud.

Cloudsoft is an Advanced AWS Consulting and Solution Provider partner specialising in application migration, run and evolve on AWS.

With a certified Cloudsoft engineer, take a look under the hood at your existing AWS costs, security and infrastructure, using:

A Well-Migrated application has been correctly selected for AWS suitability then safely migrated from on-premises or co-location to AWS.

Immediately, the application benefits from improved resilience and performance while unlocking opportunities for scale, better security, improved cost-optimization as part of the digital transformation of legacy applications.

Modern businesses need to continuously evolve applications through digital transformation to keep existing customers and attract new ones to stay competitive. Old applications stuck in non-cloud environments are a hindrance to this effort and can be a complete barrier. Legacy applications suffer from legacy problems such as lack of scale, poor downtime, and slow development time: all of these hamper digital programs. Non-cloud environments often have capacity problems, or process calcification, or a simple lack of modern software and practices.

Without access to a modern, innovative cloud platform like AWS, if a business wants to modernise it will have to reinvent -- at significant cost, effort and time -- what AWS provides out-of-the-box as a managed service at a low cost. A digital transformation programme run on a non-AWS environment can last between nine to eighteen months -- much of that reinventing what AWS already do better and for a lower cost -- compared to a few weeks on AWS because the building blocks are there and ready to use today.

The Cloudsoft Well-Migrated service helps customers select and migrate an application, identified as part of digital transformation, into AWS. Analysis of the application, data, dependencies and users outside of AWS inform the migration plan. Then an AWS expert team will move the application in its entirety to AWS ensuring that there is minimum impact to business. The final part of Well-Migrated is to ensure that the application can be continuously evolved to exploit AWS with activities such as replacing old, self-managed databases with modern, AWS-managed databases.

Run is Cloudsoft's managed service offering that manages the cloud and application resources in the cloud.

Refactor your application in the cloud to reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to business events and exploit cloud innovation.

ServiceNow Connector for AWS

Our Connect service enables ServiceNow customers to consume AWS via the Service Catalog. Using the same request/approval workflows in ServiceNow, which eliminates cloud friction, users can consume AWS Service Catalog items which enforces more guardrails as well as making it easy.

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