Cloudsoft Solutions are a result of successful customer projects. We bundle the engineering experience, product development plus learned patterns and practices into a Solution so that future customers can benefit from an even better experience and outcome.

Available Cloudsoft Solutions


The Rx3 solution is a complete bundle of the three Cloudsoft services: Migrate, Run and Evolve. It starts with the standard services for just one application, but can be customised to add more applications and more complexity.


The Multi-Cloud solution is powered by Cloudsoft AMP. You specialize in your applications, not in your infrastructure. Develop a single set of consistent best practices and operational requirements, express those through blueprints and automation.

Big Data

The Big Data solution uses modular, composable blueprints that model analytics tools including Apache Ambari,MongoDB, and Apache Spark.


The Blockchain solution can deploy Hyperledger Fabric or Sawtooth to virtually any environment (public or private cloud, bare metal, or bring-your-own-nodes). Cloudsoft can build, run and evolve this solution as a managed service.

Internet of Things

The IoT solution provides an end-to-end automation platform for the Internet of Things, unifying the many facets of IoT: Device, Data and Cloud.


The DevOps solution automates and monitors all steps of software construction, from integration and testing, releasing to deployment, and infrastructure management.