Migrate, Run, Evolve

The Cloudsoft solution is a complete package Migrate, Run and Evolve customer applications in the cloud.


Cloudsoft has a special technique for migrating customer applications into the cloud, called Replatforming.

The goal of the Migrate professional service is to have a running copy of the application in the cloud, but it's the Replatforming method that unlocks the next stages of Run and Evolve.

Replatforming uses a unique mixture of Cloudsoft Consulting Engineer experience and skills, with elegant blueprinting and automation software, backed by years of development and cloud patterns and practices to safely migrate an application and its data to the cloud.

Replatform is different to other methods such as Rehosting, or Lift and Shift, which is a fragile method that results with a brittle application running in the cloud, unable to be easily changed and not exploiting the cloud.

Depending on the complexity of the application and other variables, this service can take between 15 to 20 days of effort and is a fixed price engagement, focused on customer experience and outcome rather than effort.


Run is Cloudsoft's Managed Service for AWS. It has a pivotal role in the Rx3 solution because it is the milestone that Migration has been successful and that Evolve is now possible. Evolve is where the maximum value is delivered to the customer in terms of refactoring their application to reduce costs, increase uptime, respond to events and exploit cloud innovation.

The Run managed service itself offers significant value to customers because the Cloudsoft approach is different to traditional Managed Service Providers. The customer will experience the familiar customer portal and support facilities, but it might be unfamiliar to experience the proactive nature of Cloudsoft Run services.

Unlike traditional Managed Service Providers that might try to do as little as possible to maximise their margins, Cloudsoft instead seeks to add more value by proactively improving service. This is largely a cultural difference but it is also a technology one too: Cloudsoft's product, AMP, powers their managed services as well as the customer application and it's this elegant automation and autonomics solution that releases Cloudsoft engineers from value-less humdrum activities and spend more time on value-add for customers.


The Evolve professional service, normally bundled in with the Run managed service, is the real value-add for customers. This is the continuous and iterative refactoring of the customer application to reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to events and exploit cloud innovation.

Because the customer application, and everything it needs like cloud resources, is captured in a policy-driven blueprint, it becomes easy to swap out individual components and resources. This allows new "test stacks" to be deployed to see, for example, if a new AWS RDS layer would provide cost, performance and feature improvements to the customer application and their business.

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