Well-Architected Review

A fast and high-value review of your application on AWS by cloud experts

Are you following AWS best practices, and is your application getting the most from cloud? Is it secure, reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain & roll out changes? A well-architected review with cloud experts helps you quickly identify any quick improvements, focusing on your priorities.

Even a great application can run badly on an imperfect AWS setup.

If your setup on AWS is not optimal, best case scenario would mean you’re missing some optimisations to save money. Worst case this can mean an insecure deployment or a brittle application that has outages

At some point on everyone’s cloud journey there’s a point when they pause for breath and ask “Are we doing this the right way? What can we do better?”

Unfortunately, sometimes this review is triggered by a security or performance issue that directly affects customers. A Well-Architected Review is often used reactively to resolve important issues. Others choose to proactively run a Review every quarter.

Whether you are new to AWS or experienced, whether you’re being proactive or reactive, it’s always good to pause and ask questions like:

  • Are we getting the most from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment? What can we do better?
  • How does our architecture stack up to industry best practices? What can we do better?
  • What can we change for better business outcomes in the cloud, in terms of performance, resilience, cost, security, operations and innovation?

Cloudsoft uses the popular AWS Well Architected Framework to help answer these questions and mitigate the risk of doing cloud “wrong”.

The 5 Well Architected Pillars

It’s rare to find two different companies at the same point on a similar cloud journey, so Cloudsoft have an adaptable approach to helping all customers with the Well-Architected Review.

Choosing one important workload on AWS to focus on, a specialist Cloudsoft engineer will use their skills and experience in applications, automation and AWS to find the most important parts of the Well-Architected Framework relevant to your unique situation.

It’s important to note that the WAF isn’t an audit. It would be wrong, and a sign of inexperience, to simply walk through the framework and try to answer each question. The best approach is:

  1. Choose an important application and its data
  2. Have an experienced Cloudsoft engineer analyse your application and data
  3. Collaborate with Cloudsoft to use the WAF to find the most important learnings and recommend actions
  4. Cloudsoft will provide a remediation plan to help you move forward



Ensure that your business is secure in the cloud.

Performance Efficiency

Performance Efficiency

Let the cloud automatically adapt to your business needs.

Cost Optimisation

Cost Optimisation

Prevent waste and reduce the costs to your business on AWS.



Assure resilience and responsiveness in case of unplanned events.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Enable the correct actions that match your resources to deliver the desired outcomes.

How the Review Works

It’s Cloudsoft’s mission to bring their unique set of cloud skills to deliver solutions to our clients based on shared goals. The AWS Well-Architected Review is a combination of two activities:

  • Review – Choose one critical workload: what are the business implications of the current architecture, reflected against the Well-Architected five pillars.
  • Remediate – Discuss remediations and provided a proposal to become Well-Architected.

Cloudsoft recommends that new customers start with a short, focused review that delivers results quickly and opens up a new perspective for what is possible in the cloud.

A Cloudsoft Engineer will work with you to use the AWS Well-Architected Tool in the AWS Console and consider your chosen application against the best practices, coming up with a Remediation plan. You can choose to Remediate by yourself or ask Cloudsoft to help. If you decide to work with Cloudsoft within 30 days of the Review then it is possible to get up to $5,000 credits for your AWS account.

A screenshot of using the Well-Architected Tool for the Security pillar
A screenshot of using the Well-Architected Tool for the Security pillar

Engaging Cloudsoft


Choose a day for a Cloudsoft Engineer to meet business and technical representatives. This can be online or in person.


The customer prepares information according to a requirements list sent by the Cloudsoft Engineer.


On the day of the Review, discuss the architecture and then focus on areas of perceived risk – either highlighted by the customer, or that have come to light from the prepared material, or that are common pain-points


The Review Report provides the snapshot of alignment with the Well-Architected Framework for the chosen workload. The Remediation Plan is an actionable plan for evolving the cloud architecture for the chosen workload.


The customer can choose to engage Cloudsoft to turn the Remediation Plan into a statement of work.

Start your Well Architected Journey

Get in touch with us today for your Well Architected Review, and optimise your use of the cloud to ensure it matches your business’ needs, finances, and goals.