AWS Services in Scotland

Local and AWS professionally certified people, software and practices

Cloudsoft is an Advanced AWS Consulting partner with headquarters in Codebase, Edinburgh, delivering AWS services to customers across Scotland and UK & Ireland.

AWS see Scotland as a growth area thanks to the mix of innovative startups and established enterprises that are building and migrating to AWS.

AWS trust Cloudsoft, as an Advanced Consulting Partner, with customer opportunities thanks to our track record of customer success. Regional Scottish companies trust Cloudsoft as a local, friendly, “thinking” partner who can help them get stuff done.

Cloudsoft’s engineering and operations team extends and complements the customer’s own staff to collaboratively create a new cloud-native capability.

This more than just delivering on a project: it’s often broader than that to enable the customer’s core team’s agile and DevOps skills by working closely together through pairing and workshops.

Cloudsoft has successfully delivered a wide variety of cloud-based solutions from helping high-growth, cloud-native lean start-ups build their apps in a Well-Architected way on AWS, all the way up to global-sized businesses that need resilient applications on cloud and need to integrate the cloud with their non-cloud systems through API integration.

Getting the people-mix right is key to success on AWS

Building your cloud teamAt the heart of every cloud solution there is a people challenge.

This is repeatedly stated by attendees and speakers and customers at AWS events. At AWS Transformation Day 2018, Miriam McLemore — previously Coca Cola CIO, now Enterprise Strategist at AWS — said, “Cloud is an organizational challenge”.

There are roughly three options facing any company that wants to use AWS:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Partner
  3. Outsource

Do-it-yourself cloud has the people challenge of finding, attracting, affording and retaining talent which extracts precious costs and time from the finite budget of cloud transformation. The fully-loaded cost of just one AWS expert can run well beyond six figures and dwarf the costs of working with a partner like Cloudsoft.

Completely outsourcing to a large provider with all the inherent costs and risks on the other is often only available to large enterprises who have the big budgets. Somewhere in between there is a sweet-spot that balances a customer owning the core of their solution and partnering to supplement gaps in knowledge, experience and skills.

The Cloudsoft “thinking partner” work-with approach to partnering is backed up by the findings of the DevOps/DORA research team, as reported in their book Accelerate, who found that complete functional outsourcing was bad for organizations, but complementing the customer’s team and “helping to do good work” was a successful approach.

“There’s no compression algorithm for experience”

Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS

andy jassy compressionAs a decade-old cloud-native software development company that’s worked with start-ups and global enterprises on gnarly issues solved with software and development practices, Cloudsoft has significant experience as well as a getting-stuff-done and solving-problems-the-correct-way mentality.

Cloudsoft engineering experience is focused around application development, automation and AWS. This is so much part of Cloudsoft DNA that they have a productised software version of it with Cloudsoft AMP, which models and manages applications across multiple platforms. It’s this discipline of letting the cloud and software do the heavy lifting, instead of manual changes, that makes a positive difference to customer cloud program outcomes.

For example, if a Cloudsoft engineer builds or changes something, they will automate it — in AWS usually with CloudFormation — so the customer does not incur technical debt and has a self-documenting system.

Data-driven cloud and software development

devops metricsThere are four key metrics in Accelerate/DORA that separate the high-performing IT organizations from everyone else.

  1. (Shorter) Lead times
  2. (Less) Change failures
  3. (Higher) Deployment frequency
  4. (Faster) Mean Time To Restore

There are three ways that Cloudsoft help customers improve these metrics.

  1. Cloudsoft staff are AWS Well-Architected Framework practitioners that use the five pillars both at the start and during programs. This is an assessment and data-driven framework that improves things like Reliability, which directly improves the Mean Time To Restore.
  2. Applying software engineering and DevOps practices, using story points and single backlog through to building a Continuous Integration and Continuous Development pipeline – all using data to drive iterative improvement with downward-pressure on risk by making smaller batch-size changes at a higher frequency with shorter lead time and lower change failure rate.
  3. Where appropriate, use Cloudsoft AMP software with its application blueprinting and in-life-management sensors-and-effectors to wrap autonomics around an application, further improving the four key metrics.

Bringing it all together with Build and Migrate

Cloudsoft has the mix of people, software and cloud engineering skills that are ideal for a customer that wants a trusted, thinking partner to work with them to build their cloud solution.

Understanding the customer’s unique starting point and constraints is the key to understanding the initial cloud journey. For example, in larger organizations, using a framework like the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework helps produce an objective analysis to guide work.

The key activities that Cloudsoft engages with is Build and Migrate: creating the conditions and the capabilities to get customer solutions running in the cloud. Whether that’s migrating legacy systems and replatforming them on AWS, or building new applications and weaving together AWS managed services.

There is no one-size-fits all, off-the-peg answer to building on AWS. The only common theme is that a customer needs a partner that is sensitive and aware of their unique needs and that can adapt and customize their approach to work with them well.

Working with Cloudsoft

Friendly, local, trusted expertise over a cup of coffee.

Cloudsoft works with AWS and customers across the UK and Ireland with a range of customers and use cases. The best way to start is to have a chat with one of our engineers who can get to understand your situation and give some free advice or suggest a potential way forward. We’ll get the coffee!

We offer a free AWS Healthcheck if you are an existing AWS customer as a way to structure this help with no obligation to you.

We also have professionally certified AWS Well-Architected staff who can do a more intensive Well-Architected Review and present a remediation plan if you’re already on AWS. The Well-Architected Framework is of great value even if you are not already on AWS and you are building a new solution so you get it right first time,

We have a portfolio of AWS services that go from initial plan and design all the way through build and migrate, managed services to run and operate your applications with you on the cloud and then iterate and evolve your applications in future: you pick what you need, when you need it, and we work together.

You can email us with any questions.

How to find us

Head-quartered in Codebase – the largest incubator in the UK – in Edinburgh, Cloudsoft has unique access to both the innovative startup and investor communities and the more mature, established enterprises. What is common across both seemingly disparate segments is that the Scottish companies have a global mindset. AWS is one way that they can get their brand, products and services beyond Scotland and around the world.

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