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6 key reasons you should embrace Well-Architected today!

AWS Well-Architected gives you recommendations and best practices to design and operate your digital environment in the cloud. It helps you make sure your applications are reliable, efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Much like a well-built house can handle bad weather better than a poorly built one, a Well-Architected AWS environment is better able to take anything you might throw its way! 

Want to learn more about why your AWS Environment should be Well-Architected?

We’ve got 5 key reasons why you should take the time to ensure your environment is in line with AWS’ Well-Architected framework:

1.  Cost Reductions

Nobody likes spending more money than necessary, and having a well-architected AWS environment can help you cut down on unnecessary expenses. By optimising your resources, eliminating underutilised instances, and implementing cost-effective services, you can make a significant impact on your AWS bills. Who wouldn't want that

2.  Enhanced Performance

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, performance matters! A well-architected AWS environment can supercharge your applications and services, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently. By leveraging AWS' scalability, auto-scaling, and load-balancing features, you can handle surges in traffic without breaking a sweat.

3.  Improved Security

Security is paramount when it comes to your cloud infrastructure. With a well-architected AWS environment, you can build robust security measures to protect your data and applications. Remember, when working within the public cloud like AWS, the provider is responsible for the security of the cloud, and you’re responsible for the security of your environment within it! Thankfully, AWS provides a plethora of security services and features, so you can rest easy knowing your digital fortresses are locked down tight.

4.  Reliability and Resilience

A well-architected AWS environment can help you build resilient systems with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance. By implementing features like multi-region environments, automated backups, and disaster recovery plans, you can bounce back from failures with minimal downtime and data loss. Talk about peace of mind!

5.  Operational Excellence

When it comes to managing your cloud infrastructure, efficiency is the name of the game. AWS offers many tools and services to simplify and automate your operations, ultimately in order to make your life easier. By leveraging features such as config management, monitoring, and logging, you can streamline your processes and gain valuable insights into your environment. Boost your productivity and leave the mundane tasks to the machines!

6. Improved sustainability

A Well-Architected AWS environment is often better for the environment. Through a combination of server consolidation, elasticity and scalability on demand, highly efficient data centres and the optimisation of your environment to use the least amount of resources, being Well-Architected just makes sense. This helps you to save money, and provides the option to drastically cut into your IT-related emissions!

Well-Architected AWS environments are the standard we should all aim for when we are operating within the AWS ecosystem. By optimising costs, enhancing performance, improving security, ensuring reliability, and achieving operational excellence, you'll be well on your way to a cloud environment you can rely on to get your organisation through thick and thin. 

Remember, while having a Well-Architected AWS environment isn't essential, it can be a game-changer for your digital endeavours. So, why not take the plunge and unleash the full potential of your AWS environment with AWS Well-Architected?

Reach your potential faster with a Well-Architected Framework Review: 

With an advanced AWS consulting partner, like Cloudsoft, you can get your organisation up to speed with the best practices from the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and fast. During a Well-Architected Framework Review, our certified consultants take a deep dive into your AWS environment and take the time to further understand your business to make suggestions that will make the most impact for your organisation.

What's even better, is AWS provides credits to undertake a Well-Architected review with one of their partner organisations, meaning you can get all these benefits without an upfront cost to your organisation!

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