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Five Steps to Making Your Business More Secure and Resilient

Momentpin are changing the landscape of social community platforms. They integrate family values into a social network so as to create safety, security and a real sense of belonging within our digital lives and beyond. They build this trusted platform on a secure, reliable and secure global cloud platform with Cloudsoft and AWS.

This event has now taken place, you can watch the recording here.

With so much critical data and an application at the centre of their business, the risks linked to an unstable cloud environment would have been devastating for their customers, company and reputation.

Momentpin recently approached Cloudsoft, cloud experts and AWS Advanced Partners, with a question most digital businesses will ask themselves at some point in their existence: how can we improve our business’ security and resilience, all while keeping their costs down?

To answer this question, Nabeel Shaikh, Momentpin’s founder, will be speaking about his experience with AWS Well Architected at our webinar on September 19th

Indeed, Cloudsoft advised that Momentpin follow the Well Architected Framework created by AWS, and helped them optimise their cloud setup following the five Well Architected pillars:

  1. Operational Excellence
  2. Resilience
  3. Cost optimisation
  4. Security
  5. Reliability

The AWS Well Architected Frameworks, along with Cloudsoft’s expertise, helped Momentpin achieve better security, resilience and cost effectiveness, all while giving them the tools to respond to unexpected events that could threaten the life of their business.

Alongside Nabeel, Andrew Robinson, AWS Evangelist, will also highlight how customers can get maximum value from Well Architected, while Aled Sage, VP Engineering at Cloudsoft, will introduce guests to the Well Architected Framework principles and best practices.

Secure your spot and learn how you can optimise your business’ cost effectiveness, security and resilience.

Update: This event has now taken place, you can watch the recording here.

Cloudsoft are pleased to offer a free consultation to begin your Well-Architected journey.

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