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Announcing Cloudsoft AMP 7: A Quick Breakdown

Environment-as-code. It’s now a practical reality as we extend support to Terraform.

What is AMP 7?

It’s a software platform, to provide structured automation to manage applications and environments.

With extended support for Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, monitoring tools, AWS Service Catalog and AWS CloudFormation, it’s a great platform choice for IT leaders that need a simplified way to improve environment or application visibility, resilience, and recovery. AMP available from us directly or the AWS marketplace. Read the latest Press Release.






Who is it for?

It’s for Application Management & SRE/Platform teams primarily, but it should be sponsored by someone who understands why they need to comply with SLAs and is struggling to get the benefits of automation despite it being on the radar. If you’re toiling, this is for you.

Where does it fit?

Enterprises who have important applications that need to be available or a significant proportion of manual toil or a renewed focus on ‘resilience, observability and automation’.

Why consider it?

Dave McCann, Owner & Principal Consultant of McCann Advisory LLC, Cloudsoft Board Member and former AWS VP of Control Services, explained it best, “This is an opportunity for IT leaders that need a simplified way to improve environment or application visibility, resilience, and recovery.” 

AMP 7 is a complementary toolkit for enterprise IT teams that are using Terraform, but not yet unlocking the full benefits of IAC automation across cloud and on prem. The simplified visibility, and policy driven recovery, mean productivity gains from AMP 7 that could deliver substantial savings to some enterprises, where hiring budgets are no longer linear to application portfolio growth. 

AMP 7 accelerates organisations’ move towards a ‘model-driven resource management’ approach. The definition of cloud applications, relative to infrastructure and application resources, and policy applied to those applications, is still ripe for increased innovation.

How does it work?

By maintaining a model of any application or environment, complementing the traditional / flat infrastructure models with topology (the architecture), sensors (your monitoring), effectors (the operations that maintain and upgrade), and policies (event-driven analyses and triggers), all captured "as-code". These 4 key features represent an effective way of managing applications at scale.

What’s new in 7.0?

Enhanced support for Terraform is the big one.

‘Sensors’ and ‘Effectors’ simplify the definition of a resource set, codify policies, and automate the deployment, management and, most importantly, the recovery of applications made up of dozens or hundreds of resource elements, leveraging the model implied by Terraform. 

Engineers can specify this as sidecar files in their Terraform configuration. Environment and application teams can now have easier visibility to a rich resource set. 

They can reduce manual ‘toil’ to free up engineering resources and with these new capabilities, no longer have to increase headcount to cope with the workload.

How much does it cost?

In the AWS Marketplace there is a 30 day free trial to start, then $3.886/hr with capacity to get you started and discounted annual pricing. If you connect with Aled Dickens, we will be able to tailor the offering to your specific needs.

Why now?

It’s simple. According to Gartner, enterprise software spend is going from $800 in 2022 to over $1tn in 2024. That 20% sprawling growth in a short period of time is a nightmare for application and environment teams who are struggling with manual labour (aka ‘toil’), hitting MTTR targets and keeping the lights on, let alone looking at the higher value work. AMP 7 has to be the feet, the arms and the nervous system to manage apps, reliably, at scale. Now is the time to reach out to us.


Got some feedback?

As ever, I welcome feedback and comments as we are deepening our engagement with the IT community, in particular, we want to hear from Application/SRE/PlatformOps teams. You can reach out to me directly via DM or email with your comments and suggestions.

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