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Cloud Pathway Virtual Meetup and Fireside Chat - Prepare, plan and migrate your applications to AWS

Our Cloud Pathway virtual meet-up focused on cloud migration, delving into practical advice for preparing, planning and migrating applications to AWS.

Speakers and hosts at the event brought a wealth of experience in adopting the AWS platform for critical business workloads, and a variety of perspectives on defining a strategy, choosing concrete approaches for specific workloads, and performing actual migrations with minimal risk.




Ricardo Sueiras, Enterprise Evangelist at AWS talks about cloud adoption, especially how enterprises define and execute their overall strategies.

Aled Sage, VP Engineering at Cloudsoft presents on specific approaches for migrating applications to the cloud. He will focus on legacy apps, common pitfalls and best practices.

Peter Deak, Development Manager at Origo joins the fireside chat to talk about Origo’s experience moving to AWS. Peter also shares his thoughts on cloud adoption, including on the use of cloud-native and serverless architectures at Origo.

Alasdair Hodge, Principal Engineer at Cloudsoft and host of the meet-up. Alasdair is a solutions architect with 25 years’ experience. An authority in cloud, software applications and automation across all major cloud platforms, he has been engaged in the design and optimisation of cloud services in banking and finance and other service-based sectors such as telecoms, electronic design and supply-chain automation for over 12 years.

Do you have any questions about the meetup, or perhaps about your own cloud strategy? 

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