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Cloudsoft shortlisted for UK Open Source Awards for Apache Brooklyn project

Now in their 6th year, UKOSA is a free non-profit event that celebrates and acknowledges the contributions from the community of technology experts that make open source such a powerful and unstoppable disruptive force in the current technology landscape.

On a very rainy night at the Informatics building at Edinburgh University, Cloudsoft joined lots of other innovative businesses who contribute to open source as part of their core business.

Cloudsoft was shortlisted in the category Company – for outstanding contribution to open source either through product development or contributions to projects.

The Open Source project that we were shortlisted for was Apache Brooklyn.

Apache Brooklyn is an open source application-centric cloud platform. Applications and clouds are complicated and business critical, so Apache Brooklyn improves metrics like uptime, mean time to repair, and other aspects that differentiate an organization as a high-performer.


Blueprints describe your application, stored as text files in version control

Compose from the dozens of supported components or your own components using bash, Java, Chef… JBoss • Cassandra • QPid • nginx • many more


Components configured & integrated across multiple machines automatically

20+ public clouds, or your private cloud or bare servers - and Docker containers. Amazon EC2 • Azure CloudStack • OpenStack • SoftLayer • many more


Monitor key application metricsscale to meet demand; restart and replace failed components

View and modify using the web console or automate using the REST API. Metric-based autoscaler • Restarter & replacer • Follow the sun • Load balancing

Cloudsoft AMP

Cloudsoft offer a commercial version of Apache Brooklyn that comes with deep expertise from the people on the Apache Brooklyn committee and who are experts in cloud applications. In addition, full support mechanisms are available for 24x7 support.

Cloudsoft AMP is used to power cloud providers, telco offerings, large amounts of applications in banks, in security businesses and to run web applications in the cloud with minimal human intervention.

Case Studies
  1. How a global bank uses Cloudsoft AMP to make thousands of applications more resilient, scalable and compliant in the strongly regulated financial services industry.
  2. By moving Giumarra to the cloud using Cloudsoft AMP, Giumarra’s new solution is agile, scalable, and autonomic.
  3. How Cloudsoft helped BT Formwize add scalability, agility and cost-efficiency of the Cloud to their enterprise applications.
More AMP resources

The winners

This year, UKOSA received 65 nominations across 4 categories. On the 12th June 2019 we announced the winners for the UK Open Source Awards.

Sadly, Cloudsoft didn't win this year. However, the whole team would like to congratulate the team from AB EHR for their powerful entry of applying open source to OPENEYES – EMR for Ophthalmology. It's great to see open source being used to improve lives. Well done!


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