Cloudsoft AMP

Be sure your applications are available. Always.

Rapidly Scalable

Autonomic policy-based infrastructure management

Cloud Enabling

Liberate applications from infrastructure

Powerful Tools

Consistent in-life management tooling and features

Improve Visibility

Unified management view of applications

What is Cloudsoft AMP?

Cloudsoft AMP gives a consistent management view of applications, simplifying operations across any environment, from traditional on-prem to hybrid cloud and platforms - with tools to model existing and new applications producing a live and clear view of your full application.

Developers and architects can compose blueprints and policies in the drag-and-drop Designer, or by writing OASIS CAMP, TOSCA or Docker Compose specifications. An always up-to-date catalogue of open source and community-contributed blueprints and entities is available within AMP. AMP's integrated QA Framework automates testing of blueprints against target infrastructure.

Design, Deploy, and Operate at High Velocity

Get apps running in the cloud, automatically, quickly, and reliably, so developers aren’t slowed down provisioning and operators aren’t slowed down by tedious manual runbooks. Cloudsoft has used AMP to turn a 200-page runbook that took 5 days to deploy, into a single button that took 5 minutes.
Design applications for non-stop operation without trivializing architecture or constraining your processes. Autonomic policies come with the blueprint. AMP configures, optimizes, heals and protects applications automatically.

How can AMP help your company?

Find out Cloudsoft helped BT Formwize add scalability, agility and cost-efficiency of the Cloud to their enterprise applications.

Learn how a global bank uses Cloudsoft AMP to make thousands of applications more resilient, scalable and compliant in the strongly regulated financial services industry.

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