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How to build on AWS - thinking, choosing, studying, starting

On April 25th in Aberdeen, Cloudsoft shared the stage with ONE Codebase Aberdeen, and our partners AWS Cloud plus Aberdeen startup Deep Miner to share real-world approaches to building startups on AWS.

The new ONE Codebase space opens soon in June. Follow @onecodebase on Twitter.

The Cloudsoft presentation was based on our experiences with startups and enterprises, helping them to learn from others and plan a happy-path to build their new "thing" on AWS. The goal was to share practical advice with the local build, startup and digital community in Aberdeen.

Cloudsoft plan to be back in Aberdeen soon. Contact Us if you want to talk!

How to "get your cloud head on"

What frameworks and approaches are common across successful cloud builds? We explain things like pace layers, the focus bullseye for your finite innovation dollars, and how to build with metrics in mind like MTTR - one of the key metrics that identifies high-performing IT organizations.

What have builders chosen to do next?

From deciding to use higher-order AWS managed services to leaning more towards automation, pipelines and away from manual deployments.

What have other organizations done?

There are over 170 startup success stories on and there are common themes you can learn from, like how to use AWS if you have violent scale, how to do batch processing in a cost-optimized way, and many more.

How do you get started?

From doing "cloud as code" to using AWS quick starts, there's some immediate practical approaches to getting started building you applications on AWS.

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