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How to build a real-life serverless app with AWS Amplify

Cloudsoft Senior Software Engineer, Thomas Bouron, says: "Right off the bat: serverless is an amazing technology. It lets you build complex apps very quickly and cost efficiently because you concentrate only on the stuff that matters: your application."

...and goes on to prove it in this excellent blog post, "How to build a real-life serverless app with AWS Amplify".

Recently married (bonne chance!), Thomas explains and illustrates how he helped his wife's business by building a new customer-facing feature using serverless technologies on AWS.

Now, Thomas has bags of software engineering and cloud experience and is a senior member of the Cloudsoft team, but this was an opportunity to try putting modern cloud services and software together in a new way and experimenting.

The outcome is that his wife's business has a reliable customer-engagement system for pennies a month and practically no management. Doing this the "old" way with load balancers, virtual machines, SQL databases... forget it.

Read more about the problem Thomas solved and how he solved it... and expect more good stuff on serverless in future!

Go to the full blog.

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