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Innovation for all: AWS Digital Innovation Program comes to Scotland

AWS joins forces with DigitalBoost, Business Gateway and AWS Partners like Cloudsoft, to help Scottish businesses capitalise on their digital transformation efforts, boost digital skills, and improve their sustainability initiatives.

Digital disruption is here to stay

As we (hopefully) say goodbye to the pandemic, it’s time for businesses to take a moment breathe and reflect on the prolonged period of disruption we have endured. 

This is particularly clear for the digital disruption of business operations. In the early days of the pandemic unprecedented restrictions forced businesses to adopt new processes, and new technologies, to survive. At the same time, customer expectations and behaviours shifted - and show no sign of reversal to pre-pandemic ‘norms’.

However, the rapid pace of adoption means that new technologies are not always as well optimised as they could be and organisations may be unclear as to how to use them to drive growth through the development of new products and services (rather than digital versions of their existing ones). 

AWS Digital Innovation Program

As a leading enabler of this digital transformation, AWS have partnered with DigitalBoost to deliver its AWS Digital Innovation Program in Scotland.  The aim is to help businesses gain insights into what their customers want and help them to develop products and services that meet their needs. 

Digital technologies are transforming the way we do business across all sectors…We are determined to support businesses to improve their digital skills and technologies to ensure they can help drive forward our economic recovery and support net-zero.

- Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy (Scottish Government)

Businesses will benefit wherever they are on their digital journey. Every business now uses and relies on technology in some shape or form, and these technologies are increasingly being built on the cloud. The AWS Digital Innovation Program will show the potential speed of innovation that come with cloud tools and skills and demystify the process.

To deliver this vision, AWS will draw on the skills of its network of Consulting Partners in Scotland. Cloudsoft are proud to be a trusted AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, with competencies in Well-Architected, Microsoft Workloads, DevOps Services and Immersion Days. Supporting AWS, Cloudsoft will engage with participants in the AWS Digital Innovation Program to help them implement AWS’ ‘Working Backwards’ methodology and deliver a tangible outcome at the end of the process. 

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